Sunday, 29 March 2015

Is There Life After Death

Heaven is Real

Based on a true story about a minister who teaches about Jesus and the bible each week, then has his faith shaken when his son starts talking about his visit to heaven? The strange thing is that you would expect a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ to have a relationship to God.
Your place in the ministry should be a Godly calling not just a job.

Todd Burpo has a very close relationship with his son, but as death was knocking the door for his son, while on the hospital, operation table undergoing an operation Todd got angry with God meanwhile his wife asked the church to pray.

This is a well-made film which answers many questions about the reality of heaven and God. This young boy Colton, talks about coming out of his body seeing his Dad shouting at God and the doctors working on him, he mentioned many unknowable things about his family relative’s which have passed on.

After Coltons Heavenly visit he was a different child explaining to his dad not to be afraid and that Jesus was riding a horse with all the colours of the rainbow, he explained about the angels singing to him etc.

This truly is an eye opener to hear a child explain the heavenly realms after watching this film you might think of life after death in a different light. This film was also produced by Bishop T D Jakes to try and help create the reality of what the child experienced.

If you want to know if there is a heaven listen to the words of this child Colton Burpo!

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