Saturday, 25 October 2014

Black History Month UK Tribute

 The Truth About Racism

Ever wondered what it was like for a black person in the UK during the late 1960/70’s, this was a time when you could be attacked for walking down the wrong street or looking the wrong direction. Have you ever been mocked or beaten up because you ate food that contains ‘spices’ or has a name that seems strange to British culture.

When I was a child I watched a series called ‘Roots’ which had such an impact on my life, by allowing me to understand why people around me acted the way they did.

In 1997 the film Amistad was released. This film was based on the factual treatment of blacks and the Caucasian attitude towards them. In my opinion, one of the most powerful movies about racism towards slaves that I’ve ever watched.  It might be hard for people to comprehend why in this day and age racism needs to be mentioned? It is built within the fabric of society that is overlooked we our selfish in this way – which is why I was anxious to read Dr Philip G Asante book ‘The Truth about Racism’.

Unless you have experienced racism I don’t think you can truly understand!
Why such a controversial statement; 
A man or woman cannot choose their parents or where they are born Martin Luther King Jnr, The American Civil Rights Movement , Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid struggle were for black people to be treated as equals.
There is a difference between choice lifestyle for example:
Homosexuals, lesbians, ISIS, Muslim or Christian extremist ( There is no real proof that people are born with a gay gene it is like saying that people are born with a paedophile genetic code)  etc… you cannot equate a chosen life style to one that is given without consent, and that makes all the difference. 

This book attempts to answer some main questions which differentiate types of racism, how and where did it start, is it in the church etc… You will learn some interesting facts, Dr P G Asante book is not only well researched, but he has experienced first-hand what it is like to live in a racist climate by imputing some of his personal experiences in this book you will feel and understand why it is important to deal with this root cause.
When a child is abused without any apparent reason except for the colour of his or her skin those rejection types of scars go deep and you carry them for life.

Just to clarify a point a ‘gay’ lifestyle, or some mental disability etc will not be noticed by visually looking at someone but skin colour is visible to all even to people who say “I don’t see colour” 

The truth about racism, ‘shows that it’s that quantity of melanin we have that determines skin colour’, which simply means the more sun a country receives the darker the skin colour of its indigenous people! 

This is a professionally written book which will open your eyes to true Christianity could it be possible for Christians to introduce segregation in to South African culture? Our outlook on some biblical text will be challenged simply because of our selfishness and ignorance which need addressing. Why are the words stereotyping racial profiling used and do you understand institutionalised racism. Its important to be aware of these attitudes and to examine ourselves.

My recommendation for this book is that it should be given out in schools and be compulsory reading for children of all nations.
I’ve noticed when I was younger racism was blatant the majority would say to your face what they thought of you. Political correctness has changed our cultural thinking which has only helped to conceal the problem by using craftiness to hide the discrimination attitude for fear of prosecution.
We live in an age of so called equality lets take the royal law from the bible “love your neighbours as yourselves” this would sort out the worlds problems  and do away with  the old ‘slave master’ mentality.

My prayer today Lord Jesus allow us to be sensitive to your truth and examine our attitudes.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Powerful Testimony of Neil Harvey

 Uncaged Man of God
A drug runner is the in between man/woman who holds the gear until it’s delivered. This is what Neil, he was also known in his area as a man who could handle himself in a fight. The strange thing about being a fighter people often want to challenge you, especially in a world full of drugs with people of their heads who think they can take on the world.

Neil’s book has great insight into rejection while reading; I could sense that as a youth it is important to with a loving family, with goodly principles divorce doesn’t solve problems. When children are involved it makes things a lot worse for them. This government today is quick to advise people to get divorced or put the children in social service care, instead they should do all they can to help keep families together. Marriage should be for ever not until you have a bad time or we get upset about a situation, we must do what we can to work through our problems.

I’ve never been to prison thank God, but I believe God allows people to be incarcerated so that he can get a person’s attention. It might sound strange but in a real world, people want to do whatever they want to do, which involves all types of crime and selfishness. While in prison Jesus started to minister to Mr Harvey by asking him questions.

When he left prison he went to see a friend and ending up speaking to a couple of ministers who helped him understand about God. Finally he stopped taking the drugs he was addicted to and ended up being blessed of God.

Realising he was called to the ministry Neil attend bible school where he met his wife.

Now Neil is a minister not just preaching the gospel but living it, spending time with Neil, you know he is a man of God with a deep love for God and people.

The book is available at

My prayer today Lord Jesus allows us to be sensitive to your truth.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Arthur Burt

My Personal Tribute

I first met Arthur when he was 93 years of age. Some people age, without gaining much wisdom, but this could never be said of Arthur Burt. We got on well, being fellow sportsmen.

His demeanor was that of a father-figure or statesman. We talked about his walk with God and the time he spent with Smith Wigglesworth, one thing I would say about my friend was that he was without guile! This is why I admired Arthur and his family; they treated you as if you were part of the family. I love that old-fashioned respect, which doesn’t seem to be around much anymore.

While interviewing Arthur at 100 years of age, I asked the question ‘What legacy do you want to leave?’ His answer was that ‘we need to be humble’. This man of God realised the curse of pride and spent the latter years of his life exposing his flaws, within his powerful books and humble lifestyle. In his gatherings, Arthur would always giving way to people to speak at meetings whatever God had laid on their hearts.

I was sent by God to meet Arthur at one of these so-called gatherings. At first it was not clear to me, why God would send me to such a meeting. The first day, I thought that it was one of the worst meetings I had ever attended, but later on I grew to understand the problem was not with Arthur, he was a man submitted to God. Nearly every word he spoke at these gatherings you knew were from the throne room.

I remember once in a meeting he spoke as any proud grandfather would, immediately in the next meeting he apologised saying ‘what I said was wrong.’ It’s the rarest statement I’ve ever heard from a Christian! 

A humble man of God not afraid to admit his mistakes. We all need to take a leaf out of that book.

This style of meeting has the potential for the Holy Spirit to flow freely but also for people to speak whatever they want— and they do! The problem was, fleshly people took advantage of opportunities, especially as Arthur grew older. The word of God came forth and people ignored it. I thought if we had a relationship with God, surely we would be all be in one accord but the devil hates unity and will fight all he can. 

Arthur would explain what God expected in these meetings, at times there would be a sweet presence of God, usually when signing and often after a word. People at these meetings love God and people. These meetings were an eye opener for me, but most of all I thank God that I was privileged to spend time with Arthur and meet some of his children. I also made good friends, people who came from around the world to attend these meetings.

It was an amazing season in my life. I will never forget the first time: I was there with my wife when The Spirit of God visited for a while, and instantaneously it seemed as if all stared praising God in one accord.

My prayer today is: Lord Jesus allow your Spirit to breathe on us again.

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