Wednesday, 29 February 2012

St Davids day Special

Heaven Direct

This is an anointed cd thats pleasent on the ears Heaven Direct is the perfect title.
If you have listened to any of Ruthie Thomas music the first thing that stands out is the quality of her vocals it warms the soul. My St Davids pick is The Cross is Raised a must for anyone who is burning with a revival spirit this is a revival song preparing the way for Wales next awakening.
The Cd is available  Here from cross rhythms

Saturday, 25 February 2012

No Live Voice of God Show Today

Gospel Raph Message 26 Feb 2012

In today's message I'm remembering in my younger days my sister had a revalation from God about the body of Christ, from what I understood she was shown the bodily operation how it must function & operate as one. Today this biblical truth is a must Love and Humility are the main building block to glue the body of Christ together but the Love that is expressed here is not a natural Love it comes from God our Heavenly Father to us and we must exercise it to others. You cannot Love your enemies without this Love. If you want peace in your life let go and forgive.

The Messiah is Revealed to A Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri

Orthodox Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Meets The True Messiah

The Jewish religion deny  that Jesus was The Messiah watch this video from one of the most respected Rabbis who passed away in 2006 at the age 0f 108. He left a letter to the Jewish community about The Messiah not to be opened until a year after his death listen to this evidence
Then ask yourself why would this Rabbi say such a thing

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Baptism of The Holy Spirit & Fire

Baptism From The Throne  of  God

People deny other peoples experiences becaue they have not experianced it for themselves. For example if you have never experienced being born again why should you believe there is such a thing.
The same applies with the baptism of The Holy Spirit it needs to be experienced and the fruits should be the evidence. Here My Personal Testimony
For  a person to be born again you invite The Holy Spirit into your Heart and a change will take place in your life this is evidence of the new you. St John 3v3
With water baptism you are dry before you go in the water when you come out  your are wet this shows an outward expression of an inward cleansing. Acts 8v38
When a person is baptised with The Holy Spirit, This means totally immerssed with his Spirit you will suddenly walk with the Power, Kindom Authority and a Boldness from God. The power is a continual stream flowing through you to others. Matt 3v16 John 7v38

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

God Love And Romance Double CD

Fred Hammond New CD

This  new release from Fred Hammond is one for the ladies is speaks of love and relationships to God and to your wife and husbands it has a jazz and soul flavour available Here from Authentic media  This cd an incrediable cd and will be featured  on my show through out March 2012

Monday, 20 February 2012

Michael O'Dwyer Here is Love

Here is Love Mike ODwyer
Here is a friend of mine Michael O'Dwyer singing his version of here is love  Click below listen & be blessed
Michael O'Dwyer Here is love

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lady Syeerta withGospel Raph Live Sunday 19 Feb 2012

Lady Syreeta Sunday 19 Feb 2012

The sweet soul voice of Lady Syreeta will be in the house 

Gospel Raph on The Kevin Moore Show

Clairvoyant Wendy P. Williamson with Gospel Raph

This is a live interview which was aired on Sky tv in December 2011 and uploaded Feb 2012 A discussion about what happens when you die is there a heaven or hell are we our own god's Click below to hear interview

Sky's Kevin Moore Show
Myles Munroe Media Vault
Supercharge Your Sermons

Friday, 17 February 2012

Drug User Gets Sober

Evan Roberts Grave
Garethareth gets Clean
Ex drug user gives testimony how he overcame his battles in life through Jesus Christ
and became a leader in Teen Challenge helping other users break free of their addictions
He is involved in a house group to bring revival to Wales and stir up the rest of the nation
Gareth will be on soon watch this space
The Antichrist Identity

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dave & The Homless

Helping The Homless in Cardiff
Dave is helping the homeless people in Cardiff
if your interested in getting involved in this project
Room4U contact Dave on 07976515627
Abiding in God by Repentance

Intro About Gospel Raph

This is My Journey
I was born to Jamaican parents who came to the UK as missionaries to help bring back revival they have graduated to heaven, but the vision they started has been burning in my heart, to see the fulfillment of their vision.

As a youth growing up in South Wales in the early 70's black people we not the in thing, as they are now. Nowadays youngsters think is cool to be black people love the gangsters!
When I was a child if someone called you a nigger('N') there was going to be some serious trouble, but the youths are using the word without any true understanding of what it really meant to our for fathers. But its ok to use the 'N' word because hes a ghetto 'N' or that 'N' is my brother, so when a white person starts using the word we have got no excuse to ask him to 'shut up' because we have give people licence to disrespect us.
When Rodney Glen King III was filmed getting beaten by Police officers which fueled the 1992 Los Angeles riots,  you would think we should have learn something about respect.

On this video you will see many stages from my life history, my parents, ground zero, Even Roberts memorial, The Millennium Cardiff South Wales UK etc its a fast moving video with some boxing footage.

This illustration is only to show where God has taken me from until the day I met Jesus Christ this 2 min 8 sec video puts my life journey into perspective. I hope you enjoy it and you are blessed.

I present a Radio Show 8am to 10am Uk time on Radio Cardiff my website is at can be found here.