Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Coming Revival

My Definition

As the word of God asked the Prophet Ezekiel can these dry bones live (Ezekiel chapter 37) God gave life to the dead and so in true revival born again Christians get back on fire for God by returning to their love Jesus.

The word revives simply means bring back to life or recovers as demonstrated in the preceding paragraph hence the word revival.

For more than 20 years I’ve been reading about revivals and listened to, what people have called a revival. In 2006-7 The Holy spirit started to minister to me about revival while I was attending a series of meetings. The Spirit of The Lord came in, as Duncan Campbell would say “God stepped down” it was so glorious to see, heaven invade earth. I thought this is the start of another revival in Wales.

The following year I visited America and spent some time visiting what I would call a dead church, maybe it would be better to say the people seemed complacent!
While the pastor was one of the most helpful and joyful people I know, a true Shepard of his flock, something was missing!

After a while a stirring started, every individual that was a member of the church got on fire with the love of God, the hunger moved them to ask what they could do to help in the church.

Two particular examples of attendance, a lady was driving past and said God told her to “go into the church” and another who use to attend the church but not in the last six  months claimed God woke her up one Sunday morning and said “go back to church today”.

Although this was on a small scale it gave me insight into what the difference between revival and a visitation! What happened in USA in 1859, Wales 1904, Scotland 1949 etc, wasn’t just a visitation but it was a ‘habitation’ God allowed The Holy Spirit to be tangibly felt, which draws people to know God. We acknowledge we are sinful and thus we repent which in turn gives us a clean heart before God.  This is why with no human instrument God will draw people unto him in certain areas or towns etc.

One more point I would like to add the bible states in 1 Peter 4:17 judgement must begin in the house of God. Spirit filled Christians are the instruments God uses do what your called to do, God chooses the vessel to start revival it’s not everyone its Gods man or woman, Charles Finney, Duncan Campbell, John Wesley had their praying teams. Its recorded that Evan Roberts prayed for 13 years before revival started, each had a burden to see a nation changed like George Verwer, my advice would be not to be jealous of people who God has his anointing on for revival but pray God uses them to bless and change all nations of the world.

I believe we are on the edge of the greatest revival the world has ever known. In 1904 approximately 100,000 people over a short period, joined the churches of Wales, I heard it said it would be equivalent to 30 million people in the USA joining the church wow!

My prayer today is Lord Jesus “allow your chosen vessels to awake” we need to feel a fresh move from the throne room.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Superman v Hercules

God Is Not Dead

Hollywood is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the rest of the world with its biblical movies, such as God is not Dead, Noah, Son of God, Heaven is for Real and the soon to be released Exodus etc  God is alive! 
Friedrich Nietzsche said: “God is dead, and we must become gods.”  Nietzsche died on 25 August 1900, in his early 50s  the Bible says nobody is guaranteed of tomorrow. I wonder what is view is now that he has the opportunity to know the truth about death!

Philosophy means ‘the love of wisdom’ or it could be a principle used to guide a behaviour etc. It takes the place of God and challenges his existence.

Can a real Christian live in a society without acknowledging that God is alive and we must live our lives according to how he directs us in his word? Or do we use God as a get out of jail free card. How does this compare to people having free will? Well, we are free to do what we want, but if you decide to rob, kill or commit adultery... Why complain to God about not having free will! You just use it to do what you want do. Joshua said: “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).

The film God Is Not Dead debates the topic God is dead with a philosophy professor who does not believe in God debating with a student who believes that God is alive and still active today. Therefore the student must prove to the class God exists. This is probably the most interesting question that there is! If you are an atheist you are content that this life is all there is and there is no spiritual afterlife. We evolved and will cease to exist when we have expired.
This film is much needed, especially in the times we are living. I believe we should be people who question everything but are also willing to accept truth and change when truth is before us. The thing is we don’t like to say we are wrong because we are prideful people.
This is an interesting film well-made and well debated with an interesting cast, with a former Superman actor Dean Cain , (Smallville, 2007) and former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo. It’s an excellent film available here.

My prayer today is: Lord use every available media to spread your word so people can know Jesus Christ and the truth about the gospel. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Holy Spirit Moving

Darren Wilson Film Producer

I was quite surprised to see people like Lenny Kravitz, Brian Welch who were known for their wild music and lifestyles in a video like this, about the manifestation of Gods Holy Spirit moving on the earth today.

Darren Wilson was called by God to produce a film about God. This latest instalment called the Holy Spirit, the others being Furious Love, Father of Lights and not forgetting the first The Finger of God. This is live documented action without scripts, so what you see is what you get.

The film starts with Darren and the team visiting Salt Lake City (Mormon State) to show that there is a real God, who moves on people, through His presence The Holy Spirit.

It’s an interesting scenario seeing God move on people, it almost seems like a magic show but the people are being set free and coming into a real relationship with Jesus Christ.
These films by Darren are done in a style with a lot of live commentary they should be classed as documentaries about the reality of God.
The Holy Spirit follows the technique of the former which have some powerful testimonies; I would like to point out that Darren works with people who walk in the power of God, and this fact that cannot be denied
God loves people and he will search to find a man or woman with faith so God can show his glory;
It was incredible to see God move after a rock concert with people who were showing the demonic finger gestures before, God worked healing and moved among many who decided to surrender their lives to Jesus. It reminded me of the woman at the well in the bible, she brought everyone to see Jesus and they said we believe because we have seen.

An interesting conversation took place between sensationalists, they believe that, the Apostles operated in the miraculous gifts in Jesus day, but when the last apostle died so did the gifts!  What can you say when miracle are happening in Jesus name in front of you!

God is love that’s why he sent His only son Jesus to die for our sins John 3:16).
Jesus said greater love cannot be found than someone who would die in place another person. When Jesus explained the Christian life he mentioned training and stewardship. It is important to walk close to Jesus.
I love to feel Gods presence but I realise our choices determine our destination  (1 Corinthians 9:27)   don’t be fooled by people and ministers who teach that Jesus has touched and delivered you and your ticket to heaven is brought and paid for no matter what!
Don’t get me wrong I know when were saved were sealed and ready for heaven, but the decisions we make have consequences.
This is the reason why the Jews were called to take the gospel to the rest of the world because they know what it means to live a Holy life

My prayer today is let us die to our selfish ways and put you first then everything else will fall into place.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Hymns Sessions

Taking The Old And Making It New

This CD is classed as ‘Indie’ Jimmy Needham has always been a person that’s not afraid to try different genres with his unique voice.

The Hymns Sessions Vol 1 is a perfect to introduce some of the classic hymns to the youth of today who seem to love being entertained rather than heart felt convictions which allow a person to live the Christian life we are called to.

 This ten track CD can be called an all-rounder it has the authentic lyrics that will spiritually touch you and other tracks will get you moving to an upbeat rhythm which will also encourage you no matter what age or styles of music you prefer.

How great thou art has a touch of Trip Lee rapping, I never thought this song would ever sound so modern. It is completely different to any version which could be a good thing because the words tell the wondrous story.

Many guest artists are on this CD Trip Lee already mentioned plus, Shane & Shane on ‘Holy Holy Holy’ and Kevin Jones on ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness’. ‘Come Thou Fount’ sounds like a Jazz Jam session, ‘It Is Well With My Soul’ is unplugged not forgetting ‘Joyful Joyful’ a little more easy listening than what is usually a get up and dance song.

This could easily end up being a timeless classic 

I would recommend Jimmy Needham HymnsSessions Vol 1 to anyone who wants to introduce some contemporary gospel music to a friend

My prayer today Lord Jesus Bless us and take us deeper into your love.