Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Coming Revival

My Experience

As the word of God asked the Prophet Ezekiel can these dry bones live (Ezekiel chapter 37) God gave life to the dead and so in true revival born again Christians get back on fire for God by returning to their love Jesus.
The word revives simply means bring back to life or recovers as demonstrated in the preceding paragraph hence the word revival.
It’s been more than 22 years since I've been reading about revivals and watched, what people have called a revival. In 2006-7 The Holy spirit started to minister to me about revival while I was attending a series of meetings. The Spirit of The Lord came in, as Duncan Campbell would say “God stepped down” it was so glorious to see, heaven invade earth. I thought this is the start of another Welsh revival but it only lasted about 2-3 hours.
The following year I visited America and spent some time visiting what I would call a dead church, maybe it would be better to say the people seemed complacent!
While the pastor was one of the most helpful and joyful people I know, a true Shepard of his flock, something was missing!  Somehow a stirring started and I noticed before I left that every individual that was a member of the church got on fire for God asking what they could do to help in the church.
Two particular examples of attendance, a lady was driving past and said God told her to “go into the church” and another who use to attend the church but not in the last 6 months claimed God woke her up this morning said “to go back to church today”.

Although this was on a small scale it gave me insight into what the difference between revival and a visitation are! What happened in USA in 1859, Wales 1904, Scotland 1949 etc, wasn't just a visitation but it was a ‘habitation’ God allowed The Holy Spirit to be tangibly felt, which draws people to know God by letting us know we are sinful and thus bring repentance which in turn gives us a clean heart before God.  This is why with no human instrument God will draw people unto him in certain areas or towns etc.

One more point I would like to add the bible states in 1 Peter 4:17 judgement must begin in the house of God. Spirit filled Christians must play a part do what your called to do, God chooses the vessel to start revival it’s not everyone its Gods man or woman Charles Finney, Duncan Campbell, John Wesley had their praying teams even Evan Roberts prayed for 13 years before revival started but each had a burden to see a nation changed like George Verwer, my advice would be not to be jealous of people who God has his anointing on for revival but pray God uses them to bless and change all nations of the world.

We are on the edge of the greatest revival the world has ever known. In 1904 approximately 100,000 people over a 12 week period, joined the churches of Wales, I heard it said it would be equivalent to 30 million people in the USA joining the church.

My prayer today is Lord Jesus “allow your chosen vessels to awake” we need to feel a fresh move from the throne room.