Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Two Becoming One

Marriage Can it Last

On 4 November 2012 my wife and I celebrated 17 years of marriage. The bible talks about tribulations well I understand that to make a marriage work a lot of patience is needed. I use to be a boxer so I'm use to giong the distance but in the christian walk we are told to put on our battle outfit. Nowadays with everything being instant and cheaper to buy new than repair, it seems that many are not treasuring marriage like the old days. Jesus said God created one man for one woman some people think (usally men) a man needs more thn one woman muslims can have upto four? The bible state that we must show love to man otherwise we cannot truley love God. So how do we get away with it? 'as Christians' if we truley are saved we should be able to go back to the one we married and ask for forgiveness but instead we move on to the next partner and make some excuse why things didn't work out. I've been wondering how God looks at people who teach his word who have had multiple marriages the bible teaches judgement begins in the house of God. If we don't take the bible as the instructions for living a Christian life then we are in danger of making our selfs God. God never makes mistakes but we live our live as if God is a killjoy with no understanding of real life.  If you ask me what is the secret to a lomg lasting marriage its to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. There's a book called men are from Mars and women from Venus! Gospel Raph with Gospel Storm

The God Encounter

Face To Face With Jesus

I was in a bad mood with a friend of Jesus and I said a prayer that went something like this Lord Christians do what they want to and use your name to justify what they do. The next thing I knew was I was kneeling at the feet of Jesus understanding the scripture that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is?  He showed me how people are judged and that there is no time in the spirit. As I grow in the Spirit Iam understanding more about the face to face encounter. God knows what we are going to do before we do it, many of the things we do he dissaproves of so when we thing that we only can do what God allows this is not true but there is a line which God does not let satan cross in individual lives according tio what you can bear. Check out my site and blog for more experiances. Listen live every sunday morning to the Voice of God Show 8am to 10am  Radio Cardiff

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Is Wales In Revival

The Grace Outpouring

Wales a Nation so richly blessed with revivals has drifted far away from its former Christian days, however prayer seems to increase when it starts getting dark spiritually. Gods Spirit is moving in an area called Ffald-Y-Brenin I have just finished reading a book entitled 'The Grace Outpouring'. Its a book of revival with The Spirit of God moving in the district so powerfully that cattle, land and streems started to flourish. Sounds incredible, but God is drawing people to this little village from different parts of the world and touching them in a deep way so that the change is apparent to all. I was stirred to read about a lady from Australia who visited the retreat, who had Welsh roots but with a hatred for Wales. She went on a tour of a mine that her grandad worked and realised that her anger towards the Welsh was ungodly, she repented. A man gave her some coal to take back to her country when she took it to her church a revival broke out for 3 months with effects like what happened in The Welsh revival of 1904-05. 'What a mighty God we serve'!  To learn more  about what taking place read the book it will be one of your best investments especialy if you long for revival.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Revival Month Dedication

Revival Starts With You
charlie Stacey will be my guest 11-11-12  Charlie was a friend of the minister who baptised the Jeffery brothers who were converted in the Welsh Revival of 1904. Here his personal testimony and his stories from  this Revival Nation of Wales. Each year in November I dedicate  the month to revival. In 1904 Wales was visited by The Spirit of God, Evan Roberts was taken to heaven for 3 or 4  months where he communed face to face  with Almighty God for 4 hours. This is why his name stands out as the instrument used for revival. God chooses the vessel he want to use because he knows our hearts. This is why we should ask ourself, do I want to be used or am I luke warm. The bible teaches that God wants friends to communicate with and so hr can  show them things to come. It would be good to see God move across this land again I believe were at a time when individual revival will bring conviction to others & 'judgment will beguin in the house of God' that is where 2 or 3 are gathered in Jesus name this is the real church. with true believers on one accord praising God.
Live Stream here 8am to 10 am every Sunday Listen and be blessed.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games

Have We Inspired The Nation

It was Eric Liddell who refused to race on a Sunday in 1924 because he was a man of principle who never wanted to dishonor God by racing on Sunday. His Olympic victory was portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire. The last words he spoke before he died were "complete surrender". I have just finished reading his biography of the same name, in a year when ' Inspire a Nation' is on everyone's lips. Mr Liddells life was a life of total surrender he spent many years of his life as a missionary in China and he was there throughout WWII. The book gives personal details of the treatment of Christian missionaries and Chinese sufferring in these war torn times. Eric Liddell always had a smile and gave 100% in all his work. When it comes to true Christianity its about putting others first Paul The Apostle said follow me as I follow Christ? from his biography you can realise that Eric Liddell walked as Christ walk with humility and determination. I thank God for people of this persuasion who have the magnetism and charisma to  inspire. A man who gave up a secure future of fortune and fame to persue the heart of God. Be encouraged.  This Book is Avalable @ authenticmedia

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Evangelist or Revivalist

There is a difference
When I was a  child many churches and evangelist held what was called 'revival meetings'. Now I realise that they were just meetings with  a lot of publicity. How should revival be defined? Is there any real revival happening in the world today? Many people have passed who have seen revival.  Evan Roberts, Dr Edwin Orr and Duncan Campbell are a few men who have seen real revival which changed cities and nations. Now this is what I call revival, is there another type? In the New Testiment it was said of the disciples "These men turned the world upside down" I thank God for the example he has left us. What I often ponder is where are the revivalist? Would your neighbours testify to the fact that they see Jesus in you. Let us bless and stop complaining so much this is my determination.
Tune in Sunday Morning to hear Evangelist Dave Pritchard Founder of The Room 4 U. A man of God who feed and provides shelter for the homless and has compasion for the lost.  Whitney Huston

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Are we ready For Revival

Revival Month
Many people do not want to hear the word revival and to others revival simply means a series of meeting, when I use the word revival I'm talking about born agin believers in the risen Jesus Christ. They were once on fire for God but now have grown cold. The spirit of the Living God touches their spirit whith his breath and they catch fire again. November is the month I set aside each year to speak with people who have the  fire of God they will share their experiances with the world. You will not be dissapointed this month. You can view a profile each week  about my guest on this blog to encourage and bless you. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

I Saw Jesus

Jesus is Alive
The purpose of the gospels is to let the world know that the creator of the heavens, earth and sea's visited the world he created to show that he love's us and wants us to spend eternity with him in a place called heaven. People have claimed that they have been through the veil of death and have came back to let us know their stories. Scienctist claimed that the white light people claimed to see was an imagination of the mind. Recently medical science had a change of heart when a young lady died and claimed that she watched all that was happening to her. When they tried to bring her back to life,  she said she left the hospital building and that there was a shoe on the building roof. After finding the shoe on the roof there was proof that she had indeed left her body and was not having an hallucination. Sunday a Hindu claimed to have meet Jesus in 1982 and  received a healing. This face to face meeting has led not only to a change of life style but a deep conviction that there is no other way but  to go through the door which is Christ. Tune in Sunday 8am -10 am and be truly blessed.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Can A Muslim Become A Christian

Is Jesus The Messiah
If you were brought up as a Muslim or born a Muslim, or any other religious persuasion would there be room in your life to be sensitive enough to experience a true touch from The Living God, 'That's the one who created the heaven & earth'. Who is he you may ask? and that's a good question! is there life after death? is the grave the end? People are always saying what they believe is true! but is it. I'm not going to try & persuade you either way, what you believe is what you believe, but if there is life after death and only one true road to travel I bet you would want to be on that road. My guest this week was a Muslim woman who loved God and one day she said  to God "if you spoke to Abraham why can you not speak to me"  the result was life changing hear her testimony and be blessed. 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Gospel & Jazz

Humie Webb With Gospel raph

Sunday Morning 8 -10am One of  Cardiff's divas is our guest this week 21 Oct 2012 in black the uk black history month. Humie host the Jazz Train which is on Radio Cardiff after The Voice of God show starting at 11am. Each week this month we have been celebrating a black historical themes. If you like blues, Jazz and old soul abit of reggae gospel style tune in.
Next month November will be dedicated to revival tune in and be blessed listening to many testimonies from revivals of the present and past.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Gospel Auditions

The Next Chapter
The Acts 29 team will be searching the country for the UK's finest urban talent. They want to invest into those that will take up the baton from The 29th Chapter. Auditions to unearth new talent will be held in London on Sat 10th November. The aim is to find exciting new artists who they can invest into through training, personal and spiritual development. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to enrol in a number of different programmes and receive a wealth of experience and input from The 29th Chapter and their friends. Don't miss this is not an opportunity!
Anyone interested in auditioning should send an email entitled: 'I am Next' to They will need to include their full name and contact number. Candidates must be registered to audition.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

There is Something Spiritual

Gospel Reggae At Its Best
Jermaine Edwards will be my guest at tomorrow morning 8 - 10am if you like reggae dont miss the program. Jermaine will be singing at The New Testament Church Of God, Angelina Street, Cardiff on Friday14 Sept 2012, tell your friends about this event which is being held to raise money for MENFA charity in Jamaica on this 50th year of independence. This will be a day of blessing!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The End Nigh

Is William Roach Right

It was a shock to me when I saw on Yahoo Daily TV round-up page "Corrie's Bill Roache predicts world will 'change dramatically' on 12 December" Hollywood has releasd many films with a spiritual theme! it shows that people are searching for some spiritual meaning? I resently got news from a spiritualist that her husband died & met Jesus and came back to life to let her understand that Jesus is the one you must answer to when you leave this world. Yes there is a spiritual world there always has been. The question to ask is am I ready to meet Jesus. 
Times were changed by his birth.
More people follow Jesus Than any other religious person.
He is the most historically documented person thats ever lived.
More books have been written about Jesus than any other person.
His birth, death & Resurection were perdicted before he was born!
Jesus claimed to be God in human flesh
All his disiples left him doubting that his claims as the messish were true when Jesus died.
When he rose from the dead his desiples knew 100% that Jesus was who he always claimed to be.
Most of his desiples died because the world would not denounce Jesus as their Lord & Saviour.
Even today Christians die as Martys because they will not deny Jesus has risen.
What more proof do we need.........Jesus is coming soon 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Memorial Cricket Match

Jamaican Bank Holiday Weekend In Birmingham
If you've never been to a bank holiday event why not check out Handsworth Park Between 13:00 – 21:00

This will be a fun packed event full of good entertainment. Two of Jamaica's best gospel singers, Jermaine Edwards & King Arthur will be singing this is an event not to be missed. If you like gospel reggae don't miss this its reggae music at its best. In association with Gosfes. For more Info click here

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Reggae Celebration

Gospel Reggae For 3 Hours

If you like gospel in a reggae style tune in to  any time for the next 7 days and hear jamaican Independance tribute continued on my home page.
Remember listen to gospel on by clicking Here between 8-10am Sunday mornings and hear gospel music
A new Third hour show has been added listen & Be Blessed

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Jamaica Independence 50th Year

50 Years of Freedom
Jamaica became independent 50 years ago on 6th August 1962. This is a year of Jubilee a year when slaves were set free. If you love Jamaican music this August 5 and 12 will be dedicated to Jamaican artist and their music. Vp records have released a cd with 50 tracks dedicated to Jamaican Independance with a new 2012 version of Independant Jamaica. This collection has 3 cd's each dedicated to different era's of Jamaican Music.

Celebrate a year with Radio Cardiff's dedication of Jamaica Independence music & Lifestyle.

Every Sunday  Morning 8 - 10am click link to take you straight to live show

Friday, 6 July 2012

Reggae Gospel Style

Junior Tucker UK Interview

If you like reggae music in a gospel style check out Junior Tucker's site Junior was a houshold name by the age of  7 in Jamaica  by the age of 12 years, he was signed up to Island Records. His Cd Journey has many classic's not just dancehall style but some good ballads. Be blessed and  listen live here Sunday morning 8-10am BST or visit this link  and hear an uploaded show for 7 days 1 week later and be blessed

Thursday, 5 July 2012

What Brings Real Revival

And There Shall Be No Ebb
Arthur Burt was a friend of the famous evangelist Smith Wigglesworth, who at 100 yrs of age is still going strong. In his latest book 'And There Shall Be No Ebb' he mentions past revivals & revivalist, why they all ebbed. The coming revival will be a 'Tabernacles' the double portion anointing. This book is Arthurs latter ministry explaining about dying to self with Christ living throuhg us. Selfishness must be done away with its time to grow up. I'm always moved by what Arthur say's he like a father to many his book are addictive once you start to reading his books, you will want to finish them in one session.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Heaven is Our Home

Boxer Raised From The Dead
 New show uploaded Hear the  Heaven part week 2 Earthquake Kelley's story click link here you will hear a description of heaven

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dancehall Dj Following Jesus

Stitchie In The UK

If you like reggae music with a gospel vibe check out Stitchie's site  Stitchie is one of the best dancehall dj's out of Jamaica he's a powerful man of God listen live here Sunday morning 8-10am or visit this link  and hear an uploaded version be blessed

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Queen Christian Challenge

The Queen Makes History

Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands with Martin Mcguinness who was a commander Northern Ireland IRA, they were responsible for Killing The Queens uncle Lord Mountbatten. This truley shows the Christian Spirit of reconsiliation. For over 30 years the IRA have tried to kill our Queen, at this point in time peace is reigning. The Catholics and Protestants have been at war for decades. This is history in the making The Queen is celebrating 60 years on the throne. May God keep blessing Queen Elizabeth II while on the throne and upholding our Christian constitution. keep praying for our goverment prayer changes things

Monday, 25 June 2012

Benny and Suzanne Hinn

Divorce Not For Christians

It was a blessing to see Benny and Suzanne Hinn together again. The Christian world was troubled by the alleged scandal between Paula White and Benny. The true Christian message is a message of reconciliation. The Church is getting divorced like the non Christians, what kind of message of love are we sharing with the world? God made man to love and cherish 'one' woman, not like Hollywood's portrayal of multiple partners (test the merchandise). The bible states, 'judgment must first beguin in the house of God' (1 Peter 4 v 17). It would be good if others followed Benny's lead and cleaned up their acts, especially if they are ministers to the body of Christ.
Nice one Benny!

Heaven Is Real

Boxer Raised From The Dead
New show uploaded week 1 Earthquake Kelley's story click link here

Friday, 22 June 2012

When Your Times Up

Heavyweight Boxer Died
Is There realy a God?. Have you ever asked yourself is heaven real and whats it like? If you have Sunday 24 June 2012 @ 8am start there's a place to get some answers. Ex heavy weight boxer died and give us a first hand account of what it is like on the other side. This is Part 2
Both shows will be uploaded on my site click here 25 June & 1 July 2012

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Wizzard Meets The God Who Created The Heavens & Earth

Only One Choice
Fathers day show uploaded interview with former wizzard who met Jesus Christ
and is now preatching the gospel all over the word go to my site
click on link to hear testimony

Friday, 15 June 2012

God or The Devil You Choose

Who Has the Real Power

Father's day interview with former wizzard who was rescued by a servant of the Lord who was told to rescue him from his life of satanic worship. Its a powerful message not to be missed. This was the most watched show on Radio Cardiff. Not forgetting gospel music for all generations. Two hours of the gospel that can be shared with your family or friends if you like traditional or contempoary music you will not be ashamed that you let them know about Jesus.
Listen Here To Show Sunday 8am to 10am

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Welsh Revival

New show uploaded with Charlie Stacey talking about the Welsh Revival
11 June 2012 click HERE to listen to show on my gospelraph site on right hand side under my picture

Friday, 8 June 2012

Heavyweight Boxer Resurection

Heavyweight Boxer Died
Have you ever asked yourself is heaven real and whats it like? If you have Sunday 17 June 2012 @ 8am start there's a place to get some answers. Ex heavy weight boxer died and give us a first hand account of what it is like on the other side.

 Earthquake Kelley interview part1 with gospel raph when he was speaking Earthquake stopped and said a prayer for people who lost love one's and are in a stae of bereavement its a powerful message. The message is in 2 parts next week we celebrate Fathers day the following Sunday morning 24 June 2012 we have the conclusion not to be missed press Here

Monday, 4 June 2012

Friday, 1 June 2012

A Nation To Change The World

Who is The Greatest Role Model
George Jefferys founded The Elim Pentecostal Churches he and his brother were used mighty by God what was the catalyst that sparked the Welsh revival hear an account Sunday 3rd June 2012
In 1904 the world was affected by what has been called the vastest spreading revival. The origin was a small nation called Wales, Great Britian. A boy of 13 years of age determained in his heart not to miss a church meeting no matter what was temptation. After 13 years of faithfulness and prayer The Holy Spirit visited him in a unique and and personal way by the age of 26. Within 3 months of Evan Roberts ministry in South Wales the whole world was talking about what God was doing through this young man. The Nation of Wales had changed. History recorded the events, how the pit pony’s used in the mines had to be re-trained because miners had stopped using foal language, the pony’s were cofused, not understand the new clean rhetoric the minors were using. White glove were also worn by judges because there were no serious crimes to judge, Pubs closed, debts were paid husbands providing for their families etc people could sense God in the atmosphere these are the true signs of God moving through his people. Jesus paid the price 2000 years ago for our sins but history shows that when we pay the price (obedience)things seem to happen many men and women have been used by God to bring change to our world. God never uses novices young men & women need to be mentored by experianced people of God, prayer is key, we are all part of one body when we fight each other the worl is not seeing Christ so why should the world changed? Let the people see Jesus in me

Monday, 28 May 2012

Do We Need A Sword

Christians and Muslims
I have just finished reading 'Fearless Love'. It's a factual book based on events that have occured between Christians & Muslims in Sahel Africa. Whenever a book on this topic is released there is also controversy. The main gist of the book shows how 'Sharia Law' has ostracized Christians who give up their muslim religion to follow Christ. To turn away from Islam brings shame to their parents which is a 'Capital Offence', perpetrators have been killed and atrocious acts of violence have been carried out against Christians in this region of Africa. This book is full of stories from christian believers who have escaped persecution from their muslim families. This article is not meant to offend anyone. Book available HERE
For more information, the Quran and Bible are available on line which you can research.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Queens Card

Arthur Burt at 100 years of age

from 3 June 2012, 'checkout my blog'
I've never met anyone who has reached a hundred years of age Arthur, What's it like I asked ? "Oh, I dont think its any different from being 1 or 2 off a 100," was his answer. It was just good to spend time with an old soldier of God who has proved God in his life and was also a personal friend of Smith Wiggleswoth. I wanted to be the first one to interview Arthur Burt at 100 years of age, and find out what legacy he would like to leave behind.... if you have visited any of his gatherings or read any of his books, you'll know there could only be one answer. It will be on my live show 27 May 2012 and the repeat will be uploaded on my site HERE

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Women In Need

Help For The Working Girls

Great show tomorrow 13 May 2012 Paula talks about work she does with ladies who have been abused and women who are in difficult circumstances turn towards a new life style.
A documentry is in the process  of being made of Paula's perspective and what has been achieved.
Pic Gospelraph with Peter from Freshtouch

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Lord Bless & Keep You

The Hudson Taylors

This is the second cd from Noel Richards, Brian Houston and Wayne Drain who take the name Hudson Taylors after the first missionary to China. Ten years ago they got together and released their  first album, 'Hurricane'. A mix of contempary and classic worship songs. My favourite song is "We Don't Need Religion" it tells the story of everyday people who realise they need something but not religion and hence the saying "What we need is the love of God" ."Praise God (From Whom All Blessings Flow)" is up tempo  reworking of the classic hymn. Also 'By Your Side' is a well known song sung in most churches this is a cd you can listen while getting ready for church and be blessed, another release from Kingsway

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How Great Thou Art

Bill & Gloria Gaither

The DVD has extra bonus material it has 16 of the most popular hymns George Beverly Shea who made 'How Great Thou Art' famous (before Elvis Presley) was 98 years old and he expresses how he penned ' I'd Rather Have Jesus than Silver Or Gold' . The main difference between the cd and dvd is the extra commentary which introduces each song and give the history. 'It Is Well With My Soul' is one of the best live versions I've ever heard its a clasic well worth adding to your collection. The cd or dvd will be a blessing.
Available set HERE 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Hymn Makers

Best Loved Hymns 2

Wales was known as the Land of Song this title was given because of the Welsh Revival of 1904 where over 1000,000 people were converted to Jesus Christ. Here is Love was called The Revival Love Song. The release of The Hymn Makers 2 has included this song in Welsh and English it also has an angelic version of Calon Lan (CleanHeart) and one more Welsh Hymn 14 tracks in total the style is traditional for the older churches and 'We Plough The Fiels And Scatter' was a song I use to sing in school assembley I hope you enjoy this music. You can get info HERE 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dancehall MC Follows Jesus

Papa San Visits The UK

If you like reggae music with a gospel vibe listen to Papa San one of the best Dj's out of Jamaica.
He will be in the UK in June 8 & 9 in Birmingham check this site for updates.
New Show has been uploaded on my site Here

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Christian Party

Jesus For President

Its that time again where we can make a difference to the way we live in the UK, with the elections on the 3rd May 2012. As christians we have the privelage to check out our local councillors and make wise choices. Not too long ago certain classes of people were not allowed to vote but thank God that times have changed. I would urge all christians to take advantage of the oppotunity we have and vote according to your consience. Lets stand up and be counted don't complain about the ruling party if your not doing your part by voting. Jeff Green will be joining me on The Voice of God Show any questions call or text show Details
To find more about the Christian Party click HERE

Friday, 27 April 2012

God On The Mountain

Lynda Randle Review
If you like old time gospel music then Lynda Randle Hymns CD is a must for you music collection.  It has 13 great tracks starting with At Calvary which starts with the statement “ Years I spent in vanity and pride, Caring not my Lord was crusified” This sums up all our lives untill we accept Jesus in our hearts the next track is ‘Victory in Jesus’ each track is a clasic with a medley Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior/I Need Thee Every Hour at track 9. The last track is ‘When I get to the end of the way’ this song explains that what ever we go through in life when its finished we will relise it was all worth it.
God On The Mountain is an interesting title song letting the listeners know that God is the same no mater where you are if your in the valley or on the mountain top. This CD also has a few classics on it one of my favourite songs is ‘One Day At A Time’ which I’m glad to say is on the play list. ‘Theres Power In The Blood’ reminds me of when I was a child in church “There is power in the blood” Each song shows a Jesus who wants to be intimate.

CD Avaliable HERE

Monday, 16 April 2012

Fresh Touch At Penarth Pier

Easter Message uploaded
Live video on youtube sound quality not too good
check out my site HERE to hear new uploaded show 2 hours of great gospel music featuring live in the 2nd hour Freshtouch after the easter message from Paul an Elim Minister

Friday, 13 April 2012

Titanic,Evan Roberts& Welsh Revival

 Titanic Tribute Sunday 15 April 2012

This Sunday marks the day The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York after hitting an iceberg in the early hours of 15 April 1912. The ship embarked on its journey the 10 April 1912. The ship was hailed as 'unsinkable'. The tragedy of The Titanic was that it never had enough life boats on board, 32 should have been on deck but only 20 were on board because they did not want the deck to be too cluttered. Only 706 survived out of 2223 passengers, 1517 perished.
The longest living survivour was Millvina Dean she was just nine weeks old at the time of the sinking born 2 Feb 1912 she died at the age of 97  on 31 May 2009 (If you're usuing the web to hear show live show Sunday there is no video until further notice thanks)

If you know the link between Evan Roberts, The Welsh Revival and The Titanic please leave a comment (I will give answer Sunday on The Voice of God Show)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Behind Prison Walls

Word Out Productions
Introducing a site that caters for personal testimonies  click link HERE and check out this site you won't be dissapointed. Christian Broadcast Council presented 'Behind Prison Walls' documentry with there CBC Media Heart Award, the film speaks briefly about the troubles between the Protestants and Catholics giving some satistics about the country where the Tianic was built. No wonder that this testimony has won an award Martin Tuson 'Set Free Ministries' (check out his link) has been used to help transform some of the most hardened criminals in prisions after a true encounter with the risen Christ. In this documentry you can hear some amazing testimonies from inside a prison wall.


Dougie March a personal friend and an evangelist who was in 7 different prisions a violent football  hooligan until Jesus revealed himself to him after he followed 2 girls to church. Since his transformation he has prayed for a dead man in Africa who came back to life, it was recourded in the news papers and on local radio. check out his site HERE
I am reading a book 'Gangland To God' about a young man who as a child had a visitation from Jesus and after the death of his mother's life went from bad to worse, stay tuned and next week I will give a full review.Check out his site HERE

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Millennium Stadium Street People

Gospel Raph & Dave Pritchard
Dave Pritchard talks about the work he has been doing to help the street people in Cardiff.
Show has been uploaded

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Ressurection and The Life

He is Alive

There's an old sermon titled "It's Friday But Sunday's Coming" the first time I remember hearing this sermon was from Tony Campolo back in the 90's, who was so moved by the message that he wanted to convey the impact of the sermon to others.
When Friday was upon the people, Jesus was being crucified his body was beaten and torn blood was pouring from the wounds inflicted by the Roman soldiers the crowed was jeering some were crying but nothing could be done for the one with the nails in his arms and legs.
Mary was crying for her son Jesus who was hanging on the cross all hope was gone for Jesus lifeless body.
The truth is they could not see Sunday that there would be a resurrection of The life giver.
You see it was Friday Peter was as bold as a lion with Jesus in the garden and took out a sword to protect the Prince of life but Jesus surrendered himself as a criminal, now Peter is denying that He knew The Christ
In times of trouble don't forget what was revealed in the light, but that was Friday and Sunday hasn't arrived yet.
The priest were asking Jesus to prove that he was the messiah they asked him to preform miracles for there amusement, soldiers blindfolded him and slapped Jesus saying prophesying who hit you messiah.
He was beaten with the 'cat of nine tails' His body torn apart there was no mercy for him
but that was Friday Sundays coming
As Jesus was on the cross he cried Father Forgive them for they don't know what there doing and just before he died he said "It is Finished" then darkness filled the land but that was Friday.
Three days later as the sun rose early Sunday morning so did Jesus The Only Begotten From God our Father.
If we accept this that Jesus died to take away our sins (as long as we realize we ourselves are sinners) and rose from the dead to give us eternal life if we accept this life and live as God requires us to live according to the Holy bible being led by The Holy Spirit we can share in his eternal life. Be Blessed This Easter.
Tune in to The Voice of God Show tomorrow as usual every Sunday 8 am to 10 am and hear the true message of Easter. No video available on line at present

Friday, 6 April 2012

Kung Fu Master To Christian Evangelist

Can A Tiger Be Tamed

Tony Anthony story is a real Lion to lamb story there are a lot of books and DVD's about gansters or fighters etc becoming christians each one is unique in itself and prove that Jesus is the answer.

I was introduced to Tony though the JAM magazine and eventually we did a radio phone interview. The book Taming The Tiger has sold over 1million copies and has been translated into 26 different languages. There is a lot of information in the book which if you have done any martial arts you could relate to where Tony's coming from. See video above part 1 from youtube of testimony. I was blessed to read the book and watch the full DVD. If you know people who think that christians are 'lame or soft' they need to hear the calibre of christians, God has been moving on such as George Forman, Evander Holyfield etc. This video & book are available from Avanti Ministries Here I'm waiting for the movie to be realeased so if you feel generous why don't you try and support the ministey check his site for more details.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Israel Houghton Decade

Israel Houghton & New Breed

'I Am A Friend Of God' starts Israel latest release this 10 year release double cd with 26 inspiratonal songs with classic's such as 'Not Forgotten' and 'With Long Life' when "Alpha And Omega"starts you would think angels have joined in with the Choir if you like praise & worship American gospel  style this is the Cd that should be added to your collection whether you like his ballads or up tempo or slow worship its all here. Writing or singing after listining to 'Decade'  you'll understand why Israel is a  multi music award winner
You can order cd Here

Monday, 2 April 2012

Gospel Storm Meets Amazing Grace For Easter

Introducing Gospel Storm's 

Hear Grace's dialogue about  how she was inspired to start the Penarth Pier Easter Celebration project. Why did someone who run a successful business in London pack up and move to South Wales.  This Interview has now been uploaded at my web site click Here to listen to Radio Show
See older blogs below for full detail information about Easter Project

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Then End is Near

Evangelist Dave Pritchard
Cardiff Christian Night Shelter project is coming to its end this weekend. We thank God for stirring Dave's heart to run this project which proberly saved lives throughout the winter.
Here are his lates satitics
800 Suppers
800 Breakfast
1400 Miles traveled
60-90 Workers
7Churches Involved etc
Tomorrow we will hear about the Love and effort put in to this work. You will also have the opportunity to hear the best gospel music on Radio Cardiff 8-10am click Here

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Gospel Reggae Pioneer

Lester Lewis & Singing Rose
Reggae music has always had a spiritual edge to it, usually from rastafarians such as Bob Marley (he became a Christian before he died), The Heptones, Culture etc, who made the Jamaican style of music popular. This beautiful Island in the West Indies has more churches per square mile than any other country in the world.
Music has influenced Lester Lewis who is a pioneer of gospel reggae and a winner of The Jamaican Gospel Festival in 1988 with his song 'Everytime I Read My Bible' his prophetic voice has influenced a presidential change in America  (play vid above) 'A Black Man in The White House'. Ron Kenoly has covered 'Jesus is The Winner Man'. in a Jamaican Style 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Trinity Malpas

Speaking Engagement
Tonight I will be sharing my testimony how God met me while I was in a night club in Cardiff, this impacted my life in such a away that I stopped boxing professionaly & surrendered to Jesus Christ. Meeting starts at 7pm to Malpas, Cwmbran near Newport see the address below

Trinity Revival and Healing Centre.
Malpas Court,
NP20 6NS.
Click on Link
It is a men's fellowship night free food & refreshments available come along and enjoy the presence of the Lord.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Mothers Day Special

Mothers Day 2012 Show Uploaded

Check out the latest Radio Cardiff Gospel Show on my website click Here
Recorded shows are only available at my web site if you miss the live show my web site is a week behind the live video feed

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Internet Blip

Technical Problem At RadioStation
At Radio Cardiff Station today we were experiencing a technical fault with no sound but the video was viewable this was not resolved until 9.30pm. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to the internet listeners. The first hour of the show was dedicated to the Easter Celebation Event the interview will be on my site next week Here  and listen to 1st & 2nd Hour of show

Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Loss of One Hour

It's That Time Again

We all loose 1 hour this weekend so my show will be on at 8am as usual but our body clock will say 7am the hour can be gained back by going to bed an hour earlier. My wife doesn't think this works but its worked for me over the years.

Tune in to hear the best gospel music on Radio Cardiff my guest this week is the organiser Penarth Pier Easter Celebration Event see below.