Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Is Wales In Revival

The Grace Outpouring

Wales a Nation so richly blessed with revivals has drifted far away from its former Christian days, however prayer seems to increase when it starts getting dark spiritually. Gods Spirit is moving in an area called Ffald-Y-Brenin I have just finished reading a book entitled 'The Grace Outpouring'. Its a book of revival with The Spirit of God moving in the district so powerfully that cattle, land and streems started to flourish. Sounds incredible, but God is drawing people to this little village from different parts of the world and touching them in a deep way so that the change is apparent to all. I was stirred to read about a lady from Australia who visited the retreat, who had Welsh roots but with a hatred for Wales. She went on a tour of a mine that her grandad worked and realised that her anger towards the Welsh was ungodly, she repented. A man gave her some coal to take back to her country when she took it to her church a revival broke out for 3 months with effects like what happened in The Welsh revival of 1904-05. 'What a mighty God we serve'!  To learn more  about what taking place read the book it will be one of your best investments especialy if you long for revival.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Revival Month Dedication

Revival Starts With You
charlie Stacey will be my guest 11-11-12  Charlie was a friend of the minister who baptised the Jeffery brothers who were converted in the Welsh Revival of 1904. Here his personal testimony and his stories from  this Revival Nation of Wales. Each year in November I dedicate  the month to revival. In 1904 Wales was visited by The Spirit of God, Evan Roberts was taken to heaven for 3 or 4  months where he communed face to face  with Almighty God for 4 hours. This is why his name stands out as the instrument used for revival. God chooses the vessel he want to use because he knows our hearts. This is why we should ask ourself, do I want to be used or am I luke warm. The bible teaches that God wants friends to communicate with and so hr can  show them things to come. It would be good to see God move across this land again I believe were at a time when individual revival will bring conviction to others & 'judgment will beguin in the house of God' that is where 2 or 3 are gathered in Jesus name this is the real church. with true believers on one accord praising God.
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games

Have We Inspired The Nation

It was Eric Liddell who refused to race on a Sunday in 1924 because he was a man of principle who never wanted to dishonor God by racing on Sunday. His Olympic victory was portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire. The last words he spoke before he died were "complete surrender". I have just finished reading his biography of the same name, in a year when ' Inspire a Nation' is on everyone's lips. Mr Liddells life was a life of total surrender he spent many years of his life as a missionary in China and he was there throughout WWII. The book gives personal details of the treatment of Christian missionaries and Chinese sufferring in these war torn times. Eric Liddell always had a smile and gave 100% in all his work. When it comes to true Christianity its about putting others first Paul The Apostle said follow me as I follow Christ? from his biography you can realise that Eric Liddell walked as Christ walk with humility and determination. I thank God for people of this persuasion who have the magnetism and charisma to  inspire. A man who gave up a secure future of fortune and fame to persue the heart of God. Be encouraged.  This Book is Avalable @ authenticmedia

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Evangelist or Revivalist

There is a difference
When I was a  child many churches and evangelist held what was called 'revival meetings'. Now I realise that they were just meetings with  a lot of publicity. How should revival be defined? Is there any real revival happening in the world today? Many people have passed who have seen revival.  Evan Roberts, Dr Edwin Orr and Duncan Campbell are a few men who have seen real revival which changed cities and nations. Now this is what I call revival, is there another type? In the New Testiment it was said of the disciples "These men turned the world upside down" I thank God for the example he has left us. What I often ponder is where are the revivalist? Would your neighbours testify to the fact that they see Jesus in you. Let us bless and stop complaining so much this is my determination.
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