Saturday, 13 April 2013

New Hallelujah

Jesus Name Above All Names

Sunday 14 April my guest  John Gavin will be speaking about worship. Michael W Smith has released a CD called Hallelujah with live worship ft Isreal Houghton, The African Childrens Choir and Coalo Zamoranoi, if you like modern praise and worship music I would recommend this CD. I Surrender All is a classic hymn talking about living the surrendered life, Michael changes the traditional style and adds an interseting vocal. I was introduced to Healing Rain by a friend in this version its mixed with one of my faviourite songs Let it Rain. The new version of Amazing Grace has been touching people and is often sung with its uptempo beat. This CD has many guest, Isreal Houghton sings along To Help is on its Way which reveals God has not forgotten you. Grace has a way of reminding us that if we live right and ask for forgiveness when we fall God is alway there to forgive us and restore our relationship to him.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Can Wales Have Another Revival

Are You Ready For Revival

My Guest this week is Charlie Stacey he was friends with a minister called Pricey Davis who baptised the Jeffery brothers, They were converted in the Welsh Revival of 1904.  George Jefferies pioneered The Elim Pentacostal Churches. There was a little known testimony given nearing the end of the 1904 Welsh Revival saying that "the dark skin people would bring revival back to Wales". This was an unusual prophecy in them days because there were hardley any black people about. Also prophecies are only true when we see the results. In a time when the State Churches are emptying but Black Pentacostal churches are still growing maybe theres some truth to it. One thing thats true is if a person seeks God with there whole heart God will answer even if your a Jew or Gentile. 
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