Sunday, 27 April 2014

What Truth Did Jesus Teach

Who Was Jesus Really Talking To 

Social Media has gripped the nation;
We can all say what we like!
Everyone has a right to do that, but is it the right thing to do?
What is the difference between what I am saying, and accrediting it to God?
Is God really saying what I am saying, or am I speaking what I am thinking!
Do I have the right to offend you?
If Jesus visited us today what would he say?
I'm disappointed with the lack of biblical knowledge Christians have. Many people died so we could have the word of God to read for ourselves.
What gratitude are we showing to our brothers and sisters who have passed on when we neglect the word of God?

People have said to me many times that Jesus only condemned the 'Religious' leaders. My bible states in Matthew 19:13-16, Jesus said to the rich young leader "you lack one thing sell all you have and follow me”. If you read it in context you will find that the man Jesus was addressing was a man who walked right according to the Jewish customs.
In another instance (Luke 9:57-62) a scribe said to Jesus I will follow you wherever  you go, Jesus answered The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nest; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.
There are numerous other incidents where Jesus spoke in this way to his Apostles and disciples.
It should make us wonder, are we being deceived by the lies people are spreading about Jesus. The Bible is the word of God but it needs to be rightly divided see 2 Timothy 2:15.
God the same yesterday today and forever so we learn Hebrews 13:8 and quote but do our lives show this.

When we hear some of the rubbish coming from some of our pulpits, it makes it very plain to see why Christianity at this moment in time is so weak!

Is it time for the people of God to get ready?
God is waiting on us don’t be fooled thinking it is in his timing.
No! God Knows how long it’s going to take us to believe his word and put it into action.
The truth is FAITH is NOW (Hebrews 11:1)
Smith Wigglesworth was a man of faith and always stepped out believing God would do it again!
Evan Roberts stepped out in faith and he was used to turn Wales upside down.
Duncan Campbell stepped out, and God visited the Scottish Hebrides
D. L Moody stepped out and revival swept the UK and America etc….

The list is endless name we might know and of course many we will know when we get to heaven.

My question would be is your name the next to be added to the list?
Don’t be fooled God always chooses vessels to shake nations and in the same way he will appoint people to financially and physically support Gods ministry.

It has been said ‘God has no grandchildren’
He has sent The Holy Spirit to bring us into one, to walk in unity I would love to see denomination barriers broken down and Christians honouring one another as it was meant to be.

When it is all said and done ‘only what is done for Christ will count’.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Real Revival Is Coming

God Is Still Speaking

Some people wonder why I'm always talking about revival, so today I will let you know the reason.
In 1992 God showed me The Millennium Stadium Cardiff South Wales and he said to me the meeting Katherine Kuhlman  talked about, where he heals everyone I will see before he comes back.

In 2006 God started ministering to me about revival, and then I experienced for the second time since I got saved a visitation, Only this time it was so intense God stepped down without a shadow of a doubt I mention it in this video. The Spirit of  God move strongly at the end of this 32 min vid.

Then in 2007 I was invited to the USA and saw what can only be described as a revival!
What do I mean when I say this? For the first time in my life the difference between 'revival' and 'visitation' was made clear to me.

Revival as the bible puts it is about people who were once alive to God think of it as the day you first me Jesus, the fire burns again or the flame is rekindled.
Now Visitation is a different thing to being revived a person can stay revived by seeking God and staying in his presence, but visitation is God tangible presence which can be felt in meetings now and then.

In the coming revival the Lord has shown me, that his people, who love him, and are seeking constantly a deeper relationship with him, will be so full of Gods presence, that as they walk pass the sick and infirm immediately they will be healed, as in bible times, when Peters shadow healed people.

This is coming and I am excited to know, we are on the edge of this great move of God, as the people get healed the papers and television cameras are going to be following the Christians.
What a blessing

Friday, 18 April 2014

Muslims Say Jesus Never Died

Did Jesus Really Die

Friday acknowledged as the day when Jesus, the Son of God was crucified by orders from Pontius Pilot. Although Muslims will say Jesus was never killed, but the truth is, if Jesus never died Christianity is a lie. It might be a strange event to follow a leader who died. I would not be so ignorant to do such a thing.  You see Buddha, Mohamed and Abraham died etc… 

The difference is Jesus died then rose from the dead three days later. Now you might say ‘well that happened 2000 years ago’ I would also agree with that statement, without a shadow of contradiction. The bible teaches us that the death of Jesus Christ, was to take our place, Romans 5 explains this fact, 

The strange thing is the Quran Surat Maryam 19:33 even stated that Jesus was going to die! What a strange fact to be found in a book which the religious Muslims leaders teach, Jesus never died. They claim, God saved him by taking Jesus to heaven (pity he did not do the same for Mohamed who was poisoned according to the Hadith (Sahih Bukhari 3:47:786). 

History teaches that Jesus was raised from the dead and he appeared to his disciples, they touched and also ate with him. Peter was crucified upside down by Emperor Nero, Paul was also beheaded the truth is all they had to do was reject claims that Jesus and spoke to them after his resurrection.

In fact most of the deaths of Jesus apostles can be traced by Hippolytus and Eusebius, Tacitus and Josephus Antiquities etc.  Many historical facts prove the death and resurrection of Jesus.
I would say besides biblical prophecy, the most important fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is us! his modern disciples who are still being martyred for the witness of Jesus Christ. 

Tune in Sunday morning UK time for an Easter blessing.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Is God Trying to Tell Us Something

15 April ! Blood Moon, Titanic & Hillsborough Disaster

I was talking to a friend yesterday about The Titanic (Ship) it sank on 15 April 1912 which was a tragedy no one could have imagine. It was said before the titanic left for its maiden voyage that 'God could not sink the Titanic' but it sank and the rest is history.

On  15 April 1989 there was the Hillsborough disaster where 96 people lost their lives at a semi final FA Cup Liverpool Vs Nottingham Forest football match.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated also on this date in 1865.
I wonder if God is trying to Tell us something!

This year 15 April 2014, we have the first  of four NASA predicted blood moons, on Jewish Festivals, Passover and Sukkot. Theses are very rare occurrences on Jewish holidays, it is said that a blood moon on theses specific date mean some sort of Israeli conflict. There are going to be a total of  four blood moons on theses festival dates two this year two and next year.

The last time this occurrence happened was in 1967 when Israel had what has been called the 6 day war.
In 1948 Israels war of Independence
Then the next date the moon were seen was 1492 the year of the Spanish inquisition which brought persecution of the Jewish people when they were asked to renounce the Jewish religion.

There is also a Total Solar eclipse in after two blood moons

I believe were moving into a time where the gospel of Jesus Christ will explode over all the world. People who love God and our seeking him, will be so saturated in God. Christians will get on fire or get very cold or as the bible puts it a great falling away is coming.  When I mention falling away I'm talking about people who love compromise by doing what ever they want to do and using the name Christian as if they have been selected to be in heaven because they have no idea that the same God of love also punishes disobedience.

I believe this year 2014 we are going to see real revivals breaking out with unmistakable miracles that will be seen on secular TV and God will have his day until the fullness of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Crossroads Movie

Remember The Old Joke

Three men walked in to a bar etc… This film is set in a cafe, or diner as they say in the USA. A senseless murder of a wife and child a leads to a calculated plot of revenge. Situations are not always as they seem, and without a revelation from God we never know what is going on in a person’s life.
As stated, this movie evolves around people visiting a cafe, each one having their own personal issues in life to deal with;
One has given up on life, believing that there is nothing left worth living for, another is having marital  problems a young girl is running away and wants a fresh start etc… As the story is unravels episode of their past life are revealed, events are shown, which give an understanding to each characters, and  more importantly, what decisions were taken in their lives, to create their predicaments.

Each person in this film believed they were in charge of their own destiny, until they reached this cafe.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow anything could cause a change in our lives at any time, we often think we will be healthy, prosperous and live a long happy life, yet this is not always the case.

This outstanding thought-provoking film, highlights the fact that people are people, if there rich, poor, black or white, we all need relationships!
We need to learn love and practice forgiveness.
You will see that anger and bitterness can make a person ugly, but you will also see there is a solution to every ungodly situation.

Watching this film will change your attitude to life and encouraging you never to give up. Help others and do good, you never know if you will see them again; 
As the old saying goes never judge a book by its cover, our lives are read as open books, let the life of Christ be evident in our actions.

A great film with some unpredictable twist, add this to your collection, Dove family approved
Available from Authentic Media 
Surprisingly this complements my last blog.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

An Interesting Conversation

What Happened To King Saul

I had an interesting Conversation with my guest on Sunday Alan Hamilton. He mentioned something what God spoke to me and what he reminds me of every now and then, 'return to your first love' that can be found in Revelation 2:4.

In 1 Samuel 15:14, the prophet Samuel says to King Saul "why can I hear the bleating of the sheep". This conversation was about Saul's disobedience to God.
God gave a command, to destroy the enemy or sin that would corrupt the nation, but Saul thought he knew best!
It was clear to me that God was letting me know, that all of us are required to serve God completely. When Jesus was asked what was the first commandment:
He simply stated "Love the Lord you God with all your heart".
It makes a person wonder, 'what it love' So many philosophers over the centuries have tried to put it down to what they 'feel or think', but God calls it a 'giving' see John 3:16.
Many people pervert the word of God, saying God is love and therefore anything goes as long as you love it.

Muslims often say that Mohamed was the first to set a limit on how many wives  a  Muslim man can have, ( 5 wives even though he had many more). They seem to neglect that Jesus said one wife to one man. All else is because of the hardness of your heart Matt 19:7.

We live in a strange world where people are marrying animals and calling it love. I see it this way if women marry women and men just married men forgetting all artificial  insemination. Humans would soon be extinct!

I'm not trying to offend anyone this is my reality, Jesus wants all of us to know real love, if we don't understand love how can we understand God.
It has often been said, to be careful of a man who always talks about 'I' but isn't that what we often do when we talk about my feeling and my life or as the song says 'I did it my way'.

Is it time to take stock of our lives and recommit ourselves to God 'No more I that lives, but Christ that lives in me'

My prayer today is to sober me up so that I can see clearly to walk the selfless path you have called me to walk in Jesus name.