Sunday, 8 June 2014


Start of The Church

Pour out a double measure Lord is my prayer for today!
I noticed there was an extended length of ‘Thunder and Lighting’ yesterday in Wales, early Saturday morning about 5 am. Could this be a sign that God is ready to release the promised, former and latter rain!
Time will tell.

I have heard a lot of good news from Christian ministers, that people are starting to be drawn into churches this year; something has started to stir people.
Pentecost the day the New Testament church started, I’m not talking about the denomination ‘Pentecost’ with the evidence of tongue talking!
No I am talking about Pentecost with the Power to witness of Jesus as the Messiah!             Acts 1:8
A lot can be said about what Jesus intended His church (body) to be like; but too many self-appointed  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers are running things (the church).    Ephesians 4:8

If Jesus was walking this earth today, how many of us would really be one of His disciples. Most of us have no idea of ‘Grace’ it seems to me that it has been substituted into the ‘once save always save’ concept!
If a person calls themselves a Christian because they accepted Jesus as Lord at the age of four but lived like the ‘Devil’ all their life, but kept the title of some certificate they were presented as a child, as if it were a get out of jail free card!
What kind of God do we really know, Muslims seem to have more reverence for Allah than we have for who we say is the real God.

God is love and God gives more grace to the humble if God can give more, then, there must be less, if there is less, then Grace must be proportional. In other words;

God give grace as a gift when we get saved.
We can do what we want with a gift.
God give us the ability to increase our Grace, as He does with Faith!
Hearing the word of God increases Faith!                                                                Romans 10:17
Humbling ourselves increases Grace!                                                                              James 4:6
It’s as simple as that!
If someone gives you a gift it belongs to you, it’s yours to do with it as you please.
Therefore if you want to give it away that’s your choice, no one but yourself is responsible for the gift God has given to you!

Treasure the gifts God has given to us,
Nurture the gifts let them grow, let people see our lives mature in Christ as the scriptures put it ‘from Glory to Glory’ 2 Corinthians 2:18.