Sunday, 28 July 2013

Who Spread The Gospel To The World

Remember To Pray For Israel

It is important to remember that Jesus was Jewish and he spread The Word to his Jewish followers. Paul was chosen to teach the gentiles (non-Jewish) followers. The idea was that the Jews were to be the light to the world so God would be magnified in them. The problem arises when what was taught to Christ followers was watered down and compromise entered from the gentile world (Rome). Thus a lot of the ministers are ministering from a gentile perspective and not Holy Spirit led.   This is why it is important to pray for God to send a revival to our nation to raise up his servants full of his Spirit and truth to share the unadulterated word with power. Revival brings people of God together it removes man made barriers, this is why people travel anywhere in the world where God Spirit is moving just to experience the real thing.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The God of Miracles

Dougie March used by God to raise a man from the dead.
An exciting show this Sunday 21 July with one of my favorite Evangelist a true man of God who walks with signs & wonders no need 2 wonder just watch

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Is Music What Brings Revival

Musicians Throughout July

Some people say its the music that brings the presence of God but does it bring revival. Its a  well known fact that in 1904 God's Spirit visited Wales more than 70,000 people joined the churches in under 3 months, now that's a move of God? The history of the change of the nation is documented throughout the court systems and police statistics of the time. The revival has been known as a singing revival but was it the singing that brought about this revival? if it were true the world would still be in revival because people are singing the same old song and new one without the effect that Wales once experienced. What was is it that allowed God to draw near. Duncan Campbell says that God stepped down I believe this is the best description of a visitation of Gods Spirit. God dealing with Evan Roberts was unique but not isolated to the named individual. The world has got faithful servants whom are being prepared by the living God for the next move which I believe will be upon us soon. This month I have set aside the time to interview different singers  to help understand how God moves on singers to show his glory.

A Month of Rappers & Singers

What is Going To Bring Revival

I miss the days when every time I went to church Gods presence was there. It makes me wonder why so many churches settle for second best. The bible says we should be going from glory to glory but the glory dose not seem to be in many church's. I'm talking about what I have experienced here in Wales. We have had little moves here and there for a very short season but nothing lasting. The most amazing word I could share was that signs and wonders followed the early believers and it has been noticed that God honour's his servants whom he chooses not chosen by people or the church but hand chosen by God, some example are Evan Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth, Duncan Campbell, DL Moody to name a few its the 2nd blessing if the hand of God is on your life to be what God has called you to be then don't try and be someone else stay in your calling and guard your anointing. Stay Blessed