Sunday, 15 February 2015

Muslim Challenge Christians

Is Allah God Mohammed or Jesus?

I believe Christians should govern the world, who ever said separate Church from state got it wrong even though the church very rarely gets thing right, there are so many denominations that Christians are confused about what the truth is.

When I stated that Christians should govern the world I’m talking about people like King David, who The Bible said was a man after Gods heart. Dr Martin Luther King Jnr would have got it right. Abraham Lincoln was a good leader and many others; the problem is that many people behind our leaders give bad council.   

This blog is specifically aimed at Islam, it has been in the news with bad press since 11 September 2001, on one hand people blame the Muslims, on the other hand many people became Muslims claiming it’s a conspiracy against Islam!

A person can believe what they want to believe, and thank God for that, but I wonder how many western Muslims would actually live in a Muslim state under sharia Law.

Why would a women allow their husband to have up to four wives is that love? I call it selfishness and discriminating, only a foolish woman would agree to something like that!

Christians call God Father because he communicates with us but Muslims cannot understand a loving God. Allah is a far away unreachable God.

God, who can do all things allow Mary a virgin woman to have a baby without a human father. He must can only be the Son of God Jesus came to take away the sins of the world. That’s why he cannot be rated the same as any prophet who has an earthly father!

To rate all prophets the same is foolish, the bible talks about false prophets, it also talks about Jesus who was greater than Moses (see Deuteronomy 18:18) therefore to put Mohamed or any other prophet in the category as Jesus simply doesn’t make sense.
Jesus said the blind will lead the blind Matthew 15:14  

False Prophets Beware



Sunday, 8 February 2015

An Amazing Film

Grace Card
I hereby promise to:

1.     Pray for you every day
2.     Ask for forgiveness
3.     Grant you the same
4.     Be your friend always

 A roll call is given at a police station, officer Wright has just been promoted to Sgt Sam Wright, while he is waiting for his transfer he is asked to partnership with officer Mac McDonald, a racist who hates everything and everyone. Sam is a part time pastor who is called to love everyone.

Is this partnership, a heavier load than what can be expected?

Mac McDonald has a wife named Sarah who is trying her best to keep the family together but to no avail. Father and teenage son just can’t get along, they both seemed to have hit rock bottom.

Sarah McDonald starts to see a psychiatrist about their son but she realises that the problem runs through the whole family.
In contrast to Sgt Wright his problems stems from the love he is supposed to walk in, now faces a blatant racist how is he going too deal with this situation that he has no control over?

This is truly a clash of two kingdom’s what the outcome will be is obvious. The lessons both men must learn is thought-provoking and unusual.

This film is a must for all races and age groups, it is full of wisdom, but also realistic a moving and powerful story line with one of the best endings of any film I have ever seen.

Check out the Grace Card

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rise Up

Zoe Selah Smith

Music transcends all languages and has the power to change atmospheres.
There is something about Christian music that is touched by Gods Spirit it truly moves all barriers to style or genre of music!

Rise up and Praise The Lord is no exception Zoe is a woman of God who is anointed to sing gospel music.
Back in the days when revivals were touching America, the healing Evangelist, they were accompanied by crusade singers, Zoe reminds me of those singers: Anointed of God to bring His presence to meetings.

Zoe has a strong versatile voice which is capable of singing different genres comfortably.
Her new release ‘Rise Up’ is tribute the talent God has given to her.

The title track uses the Lord’s Prayer to convey a message that we are made to praise God it has a lively African flavour a perfect way to set the stage for the tone of the CD.
Track two is one of my favourite songs ‘Born Again’ on this CD it has a chill out tempo which can help a person relax into the presence of God.

If you like reggae culture track 9 ‘Love’ is for all the Bob Marley lovers. Maybe you want to be taken to the 70’s then I recommend Oshee which means thank you Lord, track 10 where Zoe shows her thankfulness to God.
 To finish the compilation you will hear Zoe’s personal testimony.

Listening to this 11 track Cd you can truly hear the passion of Zoe Selah Smith may God use her to take people to a higher place in God.

Rise Up and check it out Samples