Sunday, 25 January 2015


 Some Still Say All Roads Lead To Rome 

A friend of mine spoke to me a few years ago about Christlam, what is this I asked he talked about an Islamic friendly gospel?

How can two walk together unless they agree! See Amos 3:3

It is impossible for a Christian to say Allah is one God and Mohamed is his last messenger as Muslims claim.
It is a lie from satan! who in their right mind  would follow a so called prophet who at the age of 53 married a 6 or 7 year old girl and consummated  the marriage at 9 justify it by saying it was the custom of the time? Then go and marry their daughter in law. (according to the majority of traditional hadith)

I’m disgusted that the UK government think this is ok and we can live side by side with Islam ‘the religion of peace’ as long as you don’t show a picture of Mohamed because they will kill you.

How can Christians say Islam is fine and we serve the same God? Our
God has a Son named Jesus. God begets not nor is He begotten see Quran 112:3.
This is just a blatant Anti – Christ religion.

The bible states that we should correct false doctrines see James 5:19 Galatians 6:1. Only the truth sets you free John 8:32.

I have read the Quran it’s the most confusing book that’s probably been printed and unless you understand the hand me down traditions you would think it was nonsensical rubbish.
An example did you know that according to the Quran Jesus spoke as a baby and said “Peace on me the day I was born and the day I die and the day I shall be raised alive see Quran Sura 3:46 
This is a strange thing to say considering Muslims say Jesus did not die!  

People read it and say it’s from God well I thank God I don’t follow Allah!

I wonder what Islamic Muslim religion of peace will think of this Blog?

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