Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Do We Really No What Position God Has For Us

The Spirit of God gives not us

Many Christians live a mundane christian life. Jesus promised his disciples power, but why do so few Christians have this power that Jesus said he would pour out on his sons and daughters. It is open for all to see that most Christians talk a good talk! The question is do we walk the walk. We have received the former  rain with power to kick start the church. A double portion is needed to get the church ready for the return of Christ. Where are the Elijah's God wants to use? The bible says power should follow those who believe but powerless people will say its not in power, I would  say to them maybe your in the wrong office. God is about to pour out this double portion are you ready to receive? The words from the song the song are true send a revival and start with me! God give me determination to finish my course. Let us remember the problem is never with God it is always at our end? watch this 32 min video and be blessed.