Sunday, 29 March 2015

Is There Life After Death

Heaven is Real

Based on a true story about a minister who teaches about Jesus and the bible each week, then has his faith shaken when his son starts talking about his visit to heaven? The strange thing is that you would expect a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ to have a relationship to God.
Your place in the ministry should be a Godly calling not just a job.

Todd Burpo has a very close relationship with his son, but as death was knocking the door for his son, while on the hospital, operation table undergoing an operation Todd got angry with God meanwhile his wife asked the church to pray.

This is a well-made film which answers many questions about the reality of heaven and God. This young boy Colton, talks about coming out of his body seeing his Dad shouting at God and the doctors working on him, he mentioned many unknowable things about his family relative’s which have passed on.

After Coltons Heavenly visit he was a different child explaining to his dad not to be afraid and that Jesus was riding a horse with all the colours of the rainbow, he explained about the angels singing to him etc.

This truly is an eye opener to hear a child explain the heavenly realms after watching this film you might think of life after death in a different light. This film was also produced by Bishop T D Jakes to try and help create the reality of what the child experienced.

If you want to know if there is a heaven listen to the words of this child Colton Burpo!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

May I Introduce The UK’s First Islamic Prime Minister?

Islamic State In The UK

My mother talked about the first black President in America in the 1960’s how crazy was that. My friend Lester Lewis sang about a Black man in the White house we thought it was a joke!
In 2008 history was made when Barack Obama was elected as the first Black President of the United Stated WOW! I never saw that coming.

When I was a child, growing up in Wales back in the 1970’s, black people were few and far between The National Front were in your face with their hatred of foreigners (blacks, Indians etc), there was an old saying “blacks take our jobs Indians/Pakistan’s our women” but it was accepted by most of the population ‘Know your place’.
Back in the day black were called ‘Coloured’ nowadays Black and Proud is what we shout.

I never expected President Obama to be voted in the White House personally I thinks it’s to show the world that racism is over, look at our President!

It’s true we are living in a different world to what I knew back in the 1970’s,
No generation has seen such an advance in mankind’s technology as the generation alive today. No generation can talk of population growth or world natural disasters as we see today.

I mention this to say, in the UK there may be a Muslim Prime Minister, bringing in Sharia Law very soon if something does not change.

I’m not saying I’m happy with the governmental system, I’m not and doubt if many people are.
I’m not having a religious war with any Muslims. One thing I learnt as a minority is that the majority rule! That’s the way things go. You have Christians who follow Christianity to the letter which teaches ‘Love your enemies’ then you have Islam which teaches to imitate their prophet Muhammad see Quran 33:21.

The sad thing is that the Quran is a progressive book. This put simply means when Muhammad first received his revelations he was in his 40’s. His message was progressive, it started as a peacefully religion, then as the Islamic group increased, Muhammad turned from peace so subdue everyone, etc see Quran 8:39 and Quran 9:5.

I would rather be under British rule, who try their best to have a system giving freedom and free speech  to everyone, where people still swear on the Holy Bible than having to submit to Islamic rule with the disastrous results of beheading.

Could this be the Anti – Christ beheading that Revelations is talking about 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Julie's Story

Jesus Died For Everyone

Julie grew up in a family feeling unloved and unaccepted to an unmarried couple living in South Wales. Life was traumatic for this young girl who was scarred throughout her childhood and adult life.

Her story starts with a tale about stealing coal to live or freeze to death this is how it was for many people back in those days. Unfortunately for Julie, it was her dad that encouraged her to steal and therefore made her realize that a life of crime was acceptable. 

Our parents should be the ones we look to for role models, they should be the patterns we want to emulate and our children should also see us as examples in the same way. 

It’s sad to see a mother who neglects one of her children and idolises the other, the result being a dysfunctional family producing a disillusioned child.

Throughout the book you will experience different dimensions of emotions, as you journey through Julie’s life experiences, from her as a drug dealer and many other unusual identities.

This book will answer the question can a person who once knew Christ be lost?
Has God changed his mind about using novices?
Could an experienced Christian be jealous of a new Christian?
Does the devil use Christian to take advantage new Christian with their lack of understanding.

You will be touched and amazed by this story. This could be something you or someone you know might be experiencing.

They think that there is no way out, yet she went on to find her true identity in Jesus Christ.

After reading this book you will know that there is hope for everyone.

Book Available Here

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Could This Be Your Reality?

Will You Be Left Behind

Nicolas Cage stars in this epic telling of the Left Behind series!
How real this could be only God knows? But one this for sure is that I would not like to be left behind for any reason.

What is meant by the rapture?
Who is the Anti – Christ?
Who is going to be taken and why?
Is it possible for there to be an end to life as we know it on earth?

I hope that I have your attention you might think it strange that Hollywood would use one of its biggest stars to act in a modern Christian movie which talks about Christian and Christians only being selected by God to be with Him in heaven!

The Left Behind book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins was first published in 1995. They have come alive as the last days on earth Apocalypse movies.

This adaption of the movie is on the edge of your seat movie its enjoyable realistic and will make you think, is it possible what this movie portrays to really happen!

Nicolas Cage plays the main character a pilot who has had a bit too much bible from his wife this has put a strain on the family because he is looking elsewhere for comfort. The pilots daughter, who hates a God that has no interest in mankind, and a TV reporter who is interested in truth no matter how strange it seems.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot but this film is well worth watching I’m sure you will be entertained even if you don’t believe in the bible or end time prophecies.

The above questions are answered in this movie it’s a must watch for what is happening in the world today there has been such an interest in the One World Order. This movie could hold the key that has been predicted in the bible for over 2000 years.

 it has a good cast and some great acting as I stated before this could be a real Biblical scenario.
Most people alive today who were born in/or before or the 1980’s would know something has changed; I believe it has gone too far to return to good old fashion love and respect for your neighbour,  Maybe this film has the answer?

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Try God

Glory Bounce Riddim

This reggae album ‘The Glory Bounce Riddim’ has a catchy tune that will go around in your head you will end up singing the songs or humming the tunes.

This CD has various reggae artists, signing or rapping over the same tune, each artist giving their own interpretation to what God means to them.
I wouldn’t like to pick a favourite because every track has a life of its own given through the input of the artist featuring, Radic, Sista Sasha, Jason Mighty, Qraig, Rychus, Kyann Knight, Road Elf, Dale Brown & Truth and  Gallimore Feat Shelly–Ann Watson which is an amazing combination.

When I was growing up, reggae music seemed to have some hypnotic spiritual influence over people, looking back and knowing music transcends all social and religious barriers, it makes it easy to understand that reggae music comes from God and not the devil as people tried to insinuate.

You may be wondering what I am saying about reggae music, my answer would be just check out the last 30 years of music styles and you will see that reggae has influenced more music genre than any other style of music.

The name Judah means praise and reggae music can be used to praise and worship God or it can be also used in spiritual warfare. The only caution I would add is that Satan was the music man in heaven or Media director and he knows how to corrupt what God has created to his own benefits, as long as we are walking with God what we produce will be to the Glory of God.  

My prayer today Lord Jesus is Bless you people and draw close to us.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Korea and Revival

Servant of Christ

In 1866 a Welsh missionary named Robert Jermain Thomas sailed to Korea with a bible and handed it to a soldier who in turn decapitated Mr Thomas, his lifeless body fell to the ground this was just another death by martyrdom, added to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Over a hundred years later the same seed that fell to the ground has produce over 12 million Christians in South Korea today!

 A young boy who preached his first sermon at the age of seventeen in South Wales he came from a privileged background but gave it all up to follow the leadings that Christ had placed in his heart which he acknowledged in a letter a letter he addressed to New College London that he was called to sacrifice!

He took to the task enthusiastically first travelling to Shanghai China with his wife Caroline Thomas in 1863 as newlyweds, after a few months she wife died 1835 – 1864. He had a gift for languages so he moved north to Chefoo nearer to Korea working in the customs office it was here where he met some Catholic believers who had no bibles.

When you in the will of God your steps are ordered by Him we may not understand why we make some of the choices we make but God has a plan. Robert gave up his job and went with these believers to Korea in1864 and started to spread the word and give out bibles, this was a risk because if caught with a bible it could cost you your head!

The Regent of Korea Daewongun at this time was against western culture and wanted to kill 10,000 Catholic believers.

In 1866 the ship Mr Thomas was on, was attacked and destroyed but he got to shore still giving out his bibles and as stated earlier was killed while giving them out.

The story continues in 1890 Samuel Moffett 1864 – 1939 went to North Korea (sent by the same bible society that renounced Robert Jermain Thomas )as a missionary and met the twelve year old boy (Choi Chi Ryang) who received a bible from Robert Thomas just before he was beheaded. Now at the age of thirty eight became a Christian because of the life of the martyr Robert Jermain Thomas and many were elders in the church started by Samuel Moffett.

The rest is history!
South Korea has the largest church in the world and has prospered by God blessing the land. 

My prayer today is bless us so we can bless others!