Thursday, 19 March 2015

May I Introduce The UK’s First Islamic Prime Minister?

Islamic State In The UK

My mother talked about the first black President in America in the 1960’s how crazy was that. My friend Lester Lewis sang about a Black man in the White house we thought it was a joke!
In 2008 history was made when Barack Obama was elected as the first Black President of the United Stated WOW! I never saw that coming.

When I was a child, growing up in Wales back in the 1970’s, black people were few and far between The National Front were in your face with their hatred of foreigners (blacks, Indians etc), there was an old saying “blacks take our jobs Indians/Pakistan’s our women” but it was accepted by most of the population ‘Know your place’.
Back in the day black were called ‘Coloured’ nowadays Black and Proud is what we shout.

I never expected President Obama to be voted in the White House personally I thinks it’s to show the world that racism is over, look at our President!

It’s true we are living in a different world to what I knew back in the 1970’s,
No generation has seen such an advance in mankind’s technology as the generation alive today. No generation can talk of population growth or world natural disasters as we see today.

I mention this to say, in the UK there may be a Muslim Prime Minister, bringing in Sharia Law very soon if something does not change.

I’m not saying I’m happy with the governmental system, I’m not and doubt if many people are.
I’m not having a religious war with any Muslims. One thing I learnt as a minority is that the majority rule! That’s the way things go. You have Christians who follow Christianity to the letter which teaches ‘Love your enemies’ then you have Islam which teaches to imitate their prophet Muhammad see Quran 33:21.

The sad thing is that the Quran is a progressive book. This put simply means when Muhammad first received his revelations he was in his 40’s. His message was progressive, it started as a peacefully religion, then as the Islamic group increased, Muhammad turned from peace so subdue everyone, etc see Quran 8:39 and Quran 9:5.

I would rather be under British rule, who try their best to have a system giving freedom and free speech  to everyone, where people still swear on the Holy Bible than having to submit to Islamic rule with the disastrous results of beheading.

Could this be the Anti – Christ beheading that Revelations is talking about 

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  1. wow.a sobering thought.. Sadly this generation will push this to one side. We ignore the reality for the make believe, our day is devoted to social media rather than devotion to our country, liberty or our God. Our genration is right now free, but freedom cariies with it responsibility. responsibility to face truth and fear God without either a nation becomes a victim to intruders, heretics,false systems and relgious fanatics.Islam has an agenda, isnt it time the chruch has one too?