Sunday, 23 February 2014

What If Today Was Your Day To Go Home

So What!

Its sad to think that so many people even Christians have this attitude about life.
Que Sera Sera or 'What ever will be will be'
God called us to be lights to the world, as the Bible puts it, to make the Jews Jealous. How many of us could say we are making them want to be like us. It is sad when you look at the christian world today most Muslims think we are a joke with our do as you please lifestyles.

I remember the day I give my life to Jesus, no one had to tell me just keep living as I was and The Spirit of God would direct me when the time was right. No I knew to stop what I was doing and surrender to the risen Christ.
God created me to be like Him, we all come short of his glory but if we desire to be like Jesus, God will draw us closer to Him, as we age in Christ.

Have you noticed that most Christians grow colder as they grow older in the Lord. This should not be so, remember the bible teaches to go from Glory to Glory and grow in Grace.

Romans 16 from verse 17 onward it mentions that we should avoid people teaching division, offences contrary to doctrine. Paul also explains that we should not please ourselves See Romans 12 v 1&2 also   Romans 15 etc..  in this book  it is clear that we should live a righteous life according to the word of God, after all Jesus said give up all and follow Him, yet man is still saying don't worry we can do what we want, God understands they might as well say he does not care about the way we live.

The bible says that God doesn't want us to be ignorant! Do you think Jesus taught sin is ok, some teach God controls all, somehow I do not think so, Jesus taught sin no more. He would not have said this is we could not control our life style.

We all like to hear God blessings, but what about living right  and trusting God in good and bad times.
Do you remember the old song 'this little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine' are we shining.
I think the world would be a different place if we really started to shine with The Glory of The Risen Christ

My prayer today is let Jesus be seen in me and through me

Friday, 21 February 2014

A Film That Will Bless You

What An Encounter

After watching the first movie about a group of people caught in a storm one night on the way to prior engagements. The Hurricane caused such road destruction to a bridge that they all decided to go to the nearest cafe, which belonged to Jesus Christ, who knew everything about everyone. As the film unravels every condition of each heart is revealed. This is a very interesting film about how Jesus shows His love to us is a world of people who are so full of pride.
In this second  Encounter Paradise Lost Jesus is back again, where the last film ended is where this new assignment begins.
There is some interesting fighting in this one which leads up to the 'Encounter' each film brings different testimonies from each characters, a similar testimony to your conversion might be in one of these episodes they characterize the society we live in today.

Its good to see some famous stars playing their usual roles as gangster and body guard (Gary Daniels & Robert Miano) and not forgetting the return of Bruce Marchiano who is known as playing Jesus in many films.

This Encounter 'Paradise Lost' tells a story, seven years after the Thailand Tsunami where six people meet Jesus and their lives will never be the same for them again. Good verses evil the choice is always ours to decide this film will get you thinking about the way you live your life and also encourage you God is always wanting us to make the right choices.
Any day could be our last something happen to us that are out of our control like falling down or being attacked, each day new challenges face us my question would be are we ready!

Encounter 'Paradise Lost'  is available from re-vived

Sunday, 9 February 2014

God is Love

Lets Show Love

Jesus demonstrated the perfect gift of love when He died for us on the cross. This is a common statement but how true is it to us. I remember a story about someone going to a church with a machine gun claiming to kill all Christians in the church. He said "all who are not Christians leave the church" out of about 300 only 10 were left in the church, when all the people left who feared for their lives left the gunman said now we can have proper worship.

When you hear stories like this where people are being killed for standing up for their Christianity, it makes us wonder where we really stand when we say we love God.

'God is love' we all are sure of that, but how do we experience love! It has to pass the tested between parties or how can we say we love! Love has to be proven with actions.

It is not easy to show the love Jesus demonstrated we need to bear fruit, now fruit takes time to develop, for some it may develop quick for others it will take a life time. All fruit will develop naturally as long as we stay connected to Jesus. This takes effort not 'works' we should love God and choose to seek him, praying, witnessing and worshiping should be the Christian life style.

I was doing an interview with a guest, on a radio show, they said there is no such thing as a Christian that thinks its ok to be a Christian, and not let anyone else know that they are one! Jesus said freely you receive and freely you give!

So many different Christian theories  it makes you wonder sometimes who or what is right. There is a good scripture which I think is relevant is found in Philippians 2:12 which says 'work out your own salvation with fear and trembling' we need to take it as we please.

Personally I think there are people who minister, who are not called of God, they are Christians who have zeal but not the calling so they are teaching excitement from the pulpit and not what God has directed.

I know a time is coming when people who love God will walking in truth, when revival comes it moves denomination aside and people worship in spirit and truth.

My Prayer for today is to allow me to walk in truth    

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

No More A Ganster

The Rob Joy Story

This DVD has been produced by Word Out Productions  it follows the book release Internal Revolution both are available from Authentic Media.
Rob is a typical lad who wants to be just like everyone else, chilling out with his friends. This could depend on the area where you live or the crowded you want to associate with!
Money, alcohol and drugs are not a 'respector of persons'  they see no prejudices!
The culture nowadays is moving at such a fast pace if you don't move with it you will be left behind.
What is the 'in thing' today will be soon out of date.

Gangsters is a word which has been around for a long time, once it used to be an underground world with a select few a taboo to most of the world, now its what a lot of youngsters want to be known as!

When Rob was a child his dad knew a lot of the wannabe gangsters and would take his son to the pub where they would hang out. Growing up in this kind of environment is not healthy. The older kids took Rob under their wing and soon he was involved in an adult world which gave him nightmares.

Drug dealing was part of Robs life and he was an alcoholic which caused a lot of mood swings people were weary of his reputation. He was in a fight once where someone nearly died, when his dad tried to talk to him about his life getting out of control, his attitude was 'so what'

Its interesting  to hear stories like this and think that's a one off, but today many people are walking the same road.
What is the answer to today's youth problem the government seem to be creating a worse problem with their parental removal of discipline!

This is a good book to read, the DVD bring it to life Rob Joy is in the video an you can hear the reports from people who grew up with him and see the change as God uses him in healing and salvation.

"My prayer today is use me Lord Jesus"

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Love Whats It All About

Greater Love Has No Man Than This

Jesus Christ laying down His life for us!
In Romans 5 it explains about other people who may lay their lives down for a just cause, but a innocent for the guilty is very rare. Jesus died for us the only sinless person (even Muslim believe Jesus was born of a virgin) the only person to live a perfect life died for me and you, and everyone who has ever lived weather we accept Jesus or not!
Jesus death on the cross was for everyone sin all we have to do is accept it in your heart and confess it with your mouth according to Romans 10:9 The Apostle Paul gives a rundown of having the new birth, it moves you to talk about our risen saviour.

Is it possible to love someone and not talk about them?
Valentines day is coming up soon its a time where people let people know that they are loved, why don't we take time to let people know how much we love Jesus.

My concern is that Christians will be upset with other Christians for speaking the truth, when The Bible is a book full of truth.

It teaches Love
It teaches Correction
It teaches Discipline
It teaches Obedience

It teaches us to submit to each other in love husbands to wives an also wives to husbands, Let the greater among you be the servant. Jesus said  "He came to serve not to be served"
Self its a condition that affects us all to see others greater than ourselves is a problem!
Those who surrender completely to Gods plan are the ones He uses to bring revival.
Check church history for men used by God.
I intend to be one used by God
Are you ready?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Misty Edwards Worshiper

Only A Shadow

Anointed by God to help bring others into a place where the presence of God is tangible. Is this possible a singer from Wales explained to me about some of the meetings she attended in London where she could feel the presence of God like a cloud and when she left the building it was as if oil like perfume had clung to her.
This is what I'm talking about! when you Spend time withn God like that everything else seem pale in comparison.

This recent live release by Misty Edwards Only A Shadow is a worship CD and video that will help bring in the atmosphere of worship where you are.
I Love Your Ways reminds me of how my Mother loved what Jesus loved and never wanted to do anything to displease Him. If you don't understand the love God has for you as an individual this album will encourage you and let you know He is pouring His love on you!
This style of music is not normally the music I don't normally listen to, but this is anointed worship. Playing it in the car helps you to focus on the task ahead.

Its a good value CD with a DVD included.
There seems to be a new modern style of new music tracks that are blessed by the hand of God,  so who are we to argue with what God is doing with the way young people are expressing their love and adoration. After all gifts come from God. As long as we don't abuse what God has given, don't let the devil steal what God has given us!

Its Available from Re-Vived