Sunday, 28 October 2012

Are we ready For Revival

Revival Month
Many people do not want to hear the word revival and to others revival simply means a series of meeting, when I use the word revival I'm talking about born agin believers in the risen Jesus Christ. They were once on fire for God but now have grown cold. The spirit of the Living God touches their spirit whith his breath and they catch fire again. November is the month I set aside each year to speak with people who have the  fire of God they will share their experiances with the world. You will not be dissapointed this month. You can view a profile each week  about my guest on this blog to encourage and bless you. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

I Saw Jesus

Jesus is Alive
The purpose of the gospels is to let the world know that the creator of the heavens, earth and sea's visited the world he created to show that he love's us and wants us to spend eternity with him in a place called heaven. People have claimed that they have been through the veil of death and have came back to let us know their stories. Scienctist claimed that the white light people claimed to see was an imagination of the mind. Recently medical science had a change of heart when a young lady died and claimed that she watched all that was happening to her. When they tried to bring her back to life,  she said she left the hospital building and that there was a shoe on the building roof. After finding the shoe on the roof there was proof that she had indeed left her body and was not having an hallucination. Sunday a Hindu claimed to have meet Jesus in 1982 and  received a healing. This face to face meeting has led not only to a change of life style but a deep conviction that there is no other way but  to go through the door which is Christ. Tune in Sunday 8am -10 am and be truly blessed.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Can A Muslim Become A Christian

Is Jesus The Messiah
If you were brought up as a Muslim or born a Muslim, or any other religious persuasion would there be room in your life to be sensitive enough to experience a true touch from The Living God, 'That's the one who created the heaven & earth'. Who is he you may ask? and that's a good question! is there life after death? is the grave the end? People are always saying what they believe is true! but is it. I'm not going to try & persuade you either way, what you believe is what you believe, but if there is life after death and only one true road to travel I bet you would want to be on that road. My guest this week was a Muslim woman who loved God and one day she said  to God "if you spoke to Abraham why can you not speak to me"  the result was life changing hear her testimony and be blessed. 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Gospel & Jazz

Humie Webb With Gospel raph

Sunday Morning 8 -10am One of  Cardiff's divas is our guest this week 21 Oct 2012 in black the uk black history month. Humie host the Jazz Train which is on Radio Cardiff after The Voice of God show starting at 11am. Each week this month we have been celebrating a black historical themes. If you like blues, Jazz and old soul abit of reggae gospel style tune in.
Next month November will be dedicated to revival tune in and be blessed listening to many testimonies from revivals of the present and past.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Gospel Auditions

The Next Chapter
The Acts 29 team will be searching the country for the UK's finest urban talent. They want to invest into those that will take up the baton from The 29th Chapter. Auditions to unearth new talent will be held in London on Sat 10th November. The aim is to find exciting new artists who they can invest into through training, personal and spiritual development. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to enrol in a number of different programmes and receive a wealth of experience and input from The 29th Chapter and their friends. Don't miss this is not an opportunity!
Anyone interested in auditioning should send an email entitled: 'I am Next' to They will need to include their full name and contact number. Candidates must be registered to audition.