Monday, 28 May 2012

Do We Need A Sword

Christians and Muslims
I have just finished reading 'Fearless Love'. It's a factual book based on events that have occured between Christians & Muslims in Sahel Africa. Whenever a book on this topic is released there is also controversy. The main gist of the book shows how 'Sharia Law' has ostracized Christians who give up their muslim religion to follow Christ. To turn away from Islam brings shame to their parents which is a 'Capital Offence', perpetrators have been killed and atrocious acts of violence have been carried out against Christians in this region of Africa. This book is full of stories from christian believers who have escaped persecution from their muslim families. This article is not meant to offend anyone. Book available HERE
For more information, the Quran and Bible are available on line which you can research.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Queens Card

Arthur Burt at 100 years of age

from 3 June 2012, 'checkout my blog'
I've never met anyone who has reached a hundred years of age Arthur, What's it like I asked ? "Oh, I dont think its any different from being 1 or 2 off a 100," was his answer. It was just good to spend time with an old soldier of God who has proved God in his life and was also a personal friend of Smith Wiggleswoth. I wanted to be the first one to interview Arthur Burt at 100 years of age, and find out what legacy he would like to leave behind.... if you have visited any of his gatherings or read any of his books, you'll know there could only be one answer. It will be on my live show 27 May 2012 and the repeat will be uploaded on my site HERE

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Women In Need

Help For The Working Girls

Great show tomorrow 13 May 2012 Paula talks about work she does with ladies who have been abused and women who are in difficult circumstances turn towards a new life style.
A documentry is in the process  of being made of Paula's perspective and what has been achieved.
Pic Gospelraph with Peter from Freshtouch

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Lord Bless & Keep You

The Hudson Taylors

This is the second cd from Noel Richards, Brian Houston and Wayne Drain who take the name Hudson Taylors after the first missionary to China. Ten years ago they got together and released their  first album, 'Hurricane'. A mix of contempary and classic worship songs. My favourite song is "We Don't Need Religion" it tells the story of everyday people who realise they need something but not religion and hence the saying "What we need is the love of God" ."Praise God (From Whom All Blessings Flow)" is up tempo  reworking of the classic hymn. Also 'By Your Side' is a well known song sung in most churches this is a cd you can listen while getting ready for church and be blessed, another release from Kingsway

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How Great Thou Art

Bill & Gloria Gaither

The DVD has extra bonus material it has 16 of the most popular hymns George Beverly Shea who made 'How Great Thou Art' famous (before Elvis Presley) was 98 years old and he expresses how he penned ' I'd Rather Have Jesus than Silver Or Gold' . The main difference between the cd and dvd is the extra commentary which introduces each song and give the history. 'It Is Well With My Soul' is one of the best live versions I've ever heard its a clasic well worth adding to your collection. The cd or dvd will be a blessing.
Available set HERE 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Hymn Makers

Best Loved Hymns 2

Wales was known as the Land of Song this title was given because of the Welsh Revival of 1904 where over 1000,000 people were converted to Jesus Christ. Here is Love was called The Revival Love Song. The release of The Hymn Makers 2 has included this song in Welsh and English it also has an angelic version of Calon Lan (CleanHeart) and one more Welsh Hymn 14 tracks in total the style is traditional for the older churches and 'We Plough The Fiels And Scatter' was a song I use to sing in school assembley I hope you enjoy this music. You can get info HERE 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dancehall MC Follows Jesus

Papa San Visits The UK

If you like reggae music with a gospel vibe listen to Papa San one of the best Dj's out of Jamaica.
He will be in the UK in June 8 & 9 in Birmingham check this site for updates.
New Show has been uploaded on my site Here