Thursday, 3 October 2013

There Is A Falling Away

I'm waiting For The Double Portion 

Some people say, there is not going to be a revival before the return of our Lord Jesus, they are focused on a falling away. There's going to be a great falling away, but in the same way we are going to have the greatest revival the world has ever seen. Gods people are going to shine like lights. I mentioned what God has showed me in some of my resent blogs.
I believe both are going to happen. The falling away I believe has started. Calvinism is a demonic teaching used to put the body of Christ at ease, in a state of COMPLACENCY.
If Jesus was a live would He be a Calvinist? God forbid!

Jesus believed in Evangelism which means that 'The elect principle' can not be true otherwise  Jesus would never have felt the need to evangelize.
Jesus was full of GRACE yet He said things like "pick up your cross and follow me" and deny yourself, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul etc.... Jesus had 12 disciples who gave up all to follow Him.
Many churches are teaching there is no such thing as sin Jesus paid it all on the cross, and that includes past present and future.
I do not believe this statement is true but a lack of understanding with self proclaimed Ministers or Pastors who want a large congregation who preach a watered down gospel.
The most common word used for repent in the New Testament is the Greek  'Metanoia' which meant a 100% change, or a 180 degree turn.
Therefore if you are a mass murderer, and you get saved, you are supposed to stop committing murder. I hope this makes sense. A person must make a decision, not to take anyone's life, that's 'Metanoia'.
Now from this statement (you might think its an extreme) you can see that Jesus never expects us to live in future sin its always NOW! if our mind is on committing adultery, lying or stealing when the opportunity arises then we have not truly repented as the Bible teaches. John the Baptist said to bring suitable gifts for repentance, Paul said in  Ephesians 4:28 "Let those who steal steal no more" James (Jesus brother) said in chapter 2 that covetousness is sin He called it lust in chapter 1. This is not about condemnation its about resisting the devil!    
Now I'm not saying we don't sin because we all do! what I am saying is we should not live presumptuous sin (Psalms 19:13), to put it another way once were saved that's a free gift but to keep it we must live close to the cross.
You might say that once God gives a gift, He never takes it back
I would like to remind people that under GRACE Ananias and Sapphira were both struck down by God for lying!

So I would say, Teachere giving themselve to suducing spirits (1 Timothy 4:1) are partly responsible for the falling away. Its just a perverted gospel

We have a freewill we should us it to continually resist the devil and he will depart from us.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Clock is Ticking

Will You Be There

Its a new month time seems to be moving quicker and quicker!
Each day is merging into the next day so quick. We have breakfast get ready for work, go to work, do our work before we know it our work is finished and its time to go home. We have our evening meal watch TV take time out for our families and friends then they day is over.
Typically this is how each day is spent, there was a time when people rested on Sundays to really enjoy their families, and go to church
but them days are only a memory!

I remember the days when we as children call our parents Mom & Dad not by their first names, we were told to respect our elders and not to interrupt when people were talking. To go to church on a Sunday was something most families did, even if they didn't believe.

It was rare to here of a shooting in our district it was even safe to leave door open, nowadays its wrong to think about leaving doors open.
When people use to speak about the good old days I thought they lacked understanding. The good old days are truly gone people are scared to walk on the street in the day! Guns are rampant people need drugs to get through the day, children are committing horrendous crimes against children. Global terrorism is in our everyday language no one is safe any more.

People hate Christians all over the world for no apparent reason except we want to do good as Jesus commanded us to.

My question today is will you be in that number when we are called to our heavenly home.
Are you in right relationship with Jesus.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Today, The Day of The Lord

It Cannot Wait Until Tomorrow

Today might be our last day on earth!
Nobody knows what tomorrow may bring? David love God and wanted to build Him a temple,
David called a man after Gods own heart was not allowed to build Gods Temple.  The honor was given to Davids son Solomon to build. As ministers, its good to admit that we don't know all the answers, otherwise we would not need others!
God designed it for us to work together in harmony as a unit. When the Roman government, told Christians how they should worship Christianity became  mixed with pagan worship. The head of the church is Christ not the Pope neither our Pastors or Bishops.
Remember men and women will fail us, we are prone to sin but, God is always faithful so keep your eyes on Him!

The bible says'Today if you hear Gods voice don't be stubborn like the rebellious people 'we have all been there'!
A fool with out understanding would take their own life (excluding certain circumstances) thinking it would ease their pain and suffering. There is another life after this which could inflict much more pain and agony than we could ever imagine or bear. Then again it could be more glorious than we can think or imagine.

Jesus has the only key to get into Heaven.
Jesus is not dead like other religious leaders, He's alive therefore we Christians have a relationship with Him.
There is no door or lock to Hell any person living without recognizing Jesus their Lord and saviour has a free travel ticket.
Jesus is the one who died for us!
So why take a chance expecting tomorrow to get right with God which might never be a gift to us.
Lets get right with God today!

Follow Christ  'The only way is up'.