Tuesday, 21 June 2016

False Teachings

What In The World Has Happened To The Church

There was a time when ministers of the gospel were well respected. There was also a time when Christians were known as people who could be trusted; sadly those days seem to be so long ago. It’s hard to believe that people who say they have a relationship with Jesus Christ are not any different from any other religious people.
When I was a child miracles were what was expected when we went to church. People never had to beg God to do what God does, the bibles says ‘ask and it shall be given’ (Matt 7:7) Jesus said if you cannot believe everything I have spoken, then believe what you have seen (John 14:11)

Many people ministering today should not be in the pulpit, ‘there are so many false doctrines’, I believe most people understand that statement. My best friend said to me, that when they got saved many ministers would say that it’s ok to sin ‘let’s sleep together’ a well known so called servant of God said to her, God understands so don’t worry!  But King David said in Psalms 19:13 keep back thy servant from presumptuous sins. It’s wrong for people to think that God put them in any position to abuse his gifts, by taking money or favors, God will judge because has never changed (Heb 13:8)

Many bible schools teach that sin is ok so sleep with anyone God understands. I hate the ‘once save always saved’ doctrine its probably one of Satan’s best phrases. Now understand me I’m not saying people don’t sin of course we do but when we sin we truly repent which means do a 180 degree turn and as Jesus kept quoting “go and sin no more”. You see a western mindset will always have trouble understanding how Easterners think. Look at it this way most people know the phrase ‘What Would Jesus Do’ if you applied this principle to your life, I believe you would stop doing many of the things we do, just by applying this simple rule.
Now back to ‘once save always saved’ could you imagine Jesus saying to the lady caught in adultery   (John 8v1 – 11) I understand that your predicament and God understands your needs, he a loving God and wants us all to have as much lustful pleasure as possible, your saved so don’t listen to what people say, its all ok. If this was the case Jesus would never have come to earth to die such a barbaric death.

These false doctrines are sending people to hell! 1 Peter 4:17 

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